China’s Trump-Branded Massage Parlours Rub Stephen The Wrong Way

Published on March 11, 2017

Trump has preached ‘America First’ but may have been withholding his policy of ‘China Next.’

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  • matt o 2 years ago

    This is a smart move by China on both ends.
    1. This could help them to win favor with Trump and make a better deal.
    2. Ivanka may help Trump act more favorably towards China since she makes a lot of money selling her goods in China.
    3. It makes it look like it is violating the emoluments clause and people will have to look into it back here in America.

  • Get Rekt 2 years ago

    C’mon Stephen, you should focus on Trump’s accomplishments so far, like being the most hypocritical person ever.

    He constantly dismisses any criticism of him as ‘fake news’, yet made a claim that came from Breitbart, a literal propaganda site.

    He spent 8 years attacking Obama for taking vacations and golfing, yet spent more tax money on vacations in one month than Obama did in a year, and goes golfing nearly every weekend.

    During the campaign he (rightfully) attacked Hillary for her corruption and ties to Wall Street, and planned to drain the swamp, yet now he has done a commercial for Exxon Mobil and is appointing Goldman Sachs executives and oil lobbyists to the highest positions of his administration.

    When his opponents are getting leaked he can’t get enough of them, and all that matters is the content, not how they were leaked. Now that he’s being leaked content doesn’t matter, all that matters is how they were leaked, and how leaks are bad.

    He claims he is against political correctness, yet skipped the White House Correspondents Dinner to avoid having his feelings hurt, has a tantrum whenever someone jokes about him, and has sued comedians over jokes in the past.

    And his supporters will just eat it up and scream “FAKE NEWS!” to anyone who doesn’t buy his bullshit. You gotta admit that takes serious skill.

  • Valar Morghulis 2 years ago

    Always lovely to wake up to Stephen’s monologue

  • Andrea Thomas 2 years ago

    stephen always did strike me as the lumière type

  • Ahmad Hussein 2 years ago

    I can’t believe that this is really happening…can someone teleport us all to 2020 already!? #fucktrump

  • RedTeamReview 2 years ago

    China or as Trump calls it: Chainuh

  • khaenn35 ForTheDerp? 2 years ago

    “Maybe the Global Warming is caused by the Director of the EPA blowing smoke up the oil industry’s ass.” F***ING BRUTAL.

  • nonameprofil 2 years ago

    “Dog is God spelled backwards”


  • I feel It 2 years ago

    They should have Melania offer happy endings since she was a prostitute..and offer golden showers. Her husbands favorite

  • KingOfMadCows 2 years ago

    If Trump is registering trademarks to prevent people from using his name, he should be trademarking toilets.

  • yaddar 2 years ago

    I dare ONE Trumpist to defend his weekly vacations at Mar-a-Lago at the taxpayer’s expense.

    ONE Trumpist

  • Warren Webber 2 years ago

    Trump violated the constitution since he took the oath on 1/21!

  • Caleb Brown 2 years ago

    just what is it gonna take to get this this man impeached Bill got kicked out for lying about getting some head in the office

  • mineMissHellsing 2 years ago

    Nothing better than waking up to a new monologue.

  • erfaan sayed 2 years ago

    Trump is not the most powerful man in the World
    its Putin

  • Al Heimlich 2 years ago

    I pity my godmother’s son-in-law. He thinks global warming is fake, too.

  • misternormL 2 years ago

    Only the late show channel whores me out for 30 second ads

  • David Dau 2 years ago

    China and Trump have three things and common: they both act like a tyrant, they both like a wall that doesn’t work and they are both kinda a dick to neighbouring countries.


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