China’s “Game of Thrones” Gambit & Ben Carson’s “Oreo” Gaffe | The Daily Show

Published on May 24, 2019

The ongoing trade war deprives China of “Game of Thrones,” Alabama rejects the same-sex wedding on “Arthur,” and Ben Carson makes a fool of himself.



  • janeth kimwolo 1 year ago

    ???America and pop culture you are a genius Trevor

  • BAM BAM 1 year ago

    Suddenly, a mild Ben Carson appears *pokemon battle music plays*

  • Dig Ol Bick 1 year ago

    No you can’t hide reality of gay shit but you damn sure don’t have to put it in every other fucking show. Jeez everybody knows gay ppl exist. It’s been on tv for years, but Y’all trying to go overboard. Y’all are acting like you need more of it. There are still ppl who tolerate it but don’t accept it in their household. This shit is getting ridiculous.

  • Little Flower 1 year ago

    Uncle Ben is not a joke, he got gifted hands. He’s throwing grandma out of public housing cuz he needs that money to decorate his office for his second term.

  • T H 1 year ago

    Patient: what is my brain damage gonna be like?
    Neurologist: Ben Carson

  • TheAmbientUniverse 1 year ago

    Alabama is gonna need to ban Sesame Street too then, because of Ernie and Bert.

  • Kirsten S. 1 year ago

    Alabama needs to have it’s star taken away and given to Puerto Rico, like, yesterday

  • Monica Kaysen 1 year ago

    we all relate Alabama to “deliverance” anyway

  • galapagoensis 1 year ago

    It doesn’t matter, it’s not about the content but the behavior that subjects kids to because then you are showing them “leading them on” towards behavior they haven’t been made aware of by their own natural impulses. So yeah, it is messed up that liberal fools keep thinking that bs is right just because a few are affected by sexual issues; you must not peddle the issue for all. This is a matter of being invasive within the family unit and also invasive in the child very own independence. In a few words; Trevor, you are a real clown after all; behind that pseudo intellectual lingo you are just another dog, trained to betray other dogs.

  • X X 1 year ago

    Lucky China. That mess is better off not being seen.

  • Hello Holly 1 year ago

    Carson is a fucking moron .

  • Xergio Tapia 1 year ago

    And the history books in the future will tell about Trump the man that trigger WW3 on the stupidest way possible.

  • mrzeegrr 1 year ago

    there is nothing important in Alabama

  • Jean Bonilla 1 year ago

    The faster Alabama kick all it’s old white politicians out and brings in some fresh young people to run the state it will never change it’s way of thinking and stay in the 1800 mentality

  • It's About Time 1 year ago

    Who eles is shocked that Arthur is promoting men getting married?

    . . .wonder how long it will take for them to talk about abortions, cross-dressors, operation of changing your sex even politics of who they should vote for ??.
    The tv shouldn’t be their parent.

  • RAM Transport LLC 1 year ago

    Good job Alabama

  • Dirty Dan 1 year ago

    MR RATBURN IS GAY? No fucking way

  • Dirty Bird 1 year ago

    Ok so I just saw an article this man, Ben Carson invented a brain booster pill. Apparently he didn’t try it on himself. I know he’s a neurosurgeon, etc. etc. But c’mon y’all he looks high af.

  • Will Tiv 1 year ago

    Yo mr Ratburn is gay!?!? #plottwist


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