China & Uighurs: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published on July 27, 2020

John Oliver discusses the human rights abuses the Uighur people are facing at the hands of the Chinese government, and why those atrocities are worth our undivided attention.

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  • Vivek 9 months ago

    Assimilation : borg style

  • meatwad74 9 months ago

    trump: go ahead, build camps, help me out in re election
    next few months: praises china, doesn’t criticize them for the virus, deflects questions or criticism by others
    now: China not helping him enough in re election: kung flu, sanctions, close consulates
    clear pattern of a psychopathic maniac except he’s the pres. of the u.s and manipulating the whole world

  • Brett S. 9 months ago

    We have concentration camps here in the US..

  • poponachtschnecke 9 months ago

    Thank US Protestant Christians in the early 1900’s for this lovely version of China.

  • Born2Live Inc. 9 months ago

    Always a pleasure John!

  • Tom Curl 9 months ago

    time to over through china

  • Hmmm OvO 9 months ago

    Damn the interaction between the mother and her daughter was so heart breaking.

  • Ashok Rawat 9 months ago

    10 years too late John!!

  • Sandeep Bjm 9 months ago

    China today is worse than 1939 Germany.

  • wild9439 9 months ago

    Forgot to mention the organ harvesting…

  • EveryDayImDukkerin 9 months ago

    Do one then about Gypsies, Europe’s most hated minority and the last acceptable form of racism

  • Adrian Benavides 9 months ago

    did you hear the one about america’s racist criminal justice system? it’s known to have a lot of white supremacists on the force and known to legalize the infliction of torture from evangelicals in darker people too

  • Mr old skool 9 months ago

    “Wow that little girl, is more braver than me, to tell your mother not to cry after being separated for two years, man I can’t comprehend how country look past this and think it’s okay”

  • zaak186 9 months ago

    and yet we have people complaining about being oppressed and yet have the freedom of throwing shit at the government here. the irony

  • Bryan Manichanh 9 months ago

    If China hates Uighurs and other countries love them, why don’t other countries just offer to take them in as refugees?

  • Thang Tran 9 months ago

    This has been going for years if not decades, only now John is covering this?

  • Eva Kazoo 9 months ago

    This is stuff I’d imagine to see in my history books. Horrible atrocities that were recognized and prevented from ever happening again

  • HEROESwearBOOTS 9 months ago

    Man that sucks. Weird that a British guy is condemning cultural assimilation

  • Lux Garza 9 months ago

    Thank god we’re finally talking about China’s Uighurs and their slave labor. Now let’s talk about Falun Gong and their vast contributions to the CCPs organ donations

  • T S 9 months ago

    Herro prease, brack rives matter you Americans, Uigurs are being trained for free in our commie sociarist never ending summer camps, they happy they get free sushi, grory to peopre repubric of China hahahaha 😀


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