Chelsea Handler Loved Seeing Republicans Lose During the Midterm Election

Published on November 15, 2022

Chelsea Handler talks about what she thinks of Republicans losing big during the midterm election, her podcast Dear Chelsea and the babysitting company she started when she was 10 years old.

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  • Darcy 2 months ago

    Oh Chelsea, you don’t have to worry about being respectful to a man who has oral sex with his kids, divorces mom, marries his daughter 🤮 F that, F him. He should be in jail for what he did to his kids. But he makes good moovees 🙄

  • Robertodette 2 months ago

    she told that “how did you two meet” joke somewhere else before this

  • Christopher Brown 2 months ago

    Katie Couric. Nutshelled in one sitting.

  • H 2 months ago

    She’s funny but…. why does it sound like she’s always shouting, it’s so annoying

  • Moonlight Pixie 2 months ago

    She’s awesome please come to Mt

  • jimmy Burnett 2 months ago

    Seems like alot of work just to sit up front in a plane.

  • VieenRennes 2 months ago

    “How did you two meet?” Legend.

  • John Gray Atkinson 2 months ago

    Wow, Trump and Woody Allen jokes. How original.
    Hello Irrelevancy, It’s Me Chelsea

  • Ryan Shull 2 months ago

    Love Chelsea 💕💕💕💕

  • Doug Wolfe 2 months ago

    I have never liked Chelsea Handler, and have found her to be abrasive and borderline rude. She revealed her core during this interview: she’s not so much about the entertainment side so much as she is all about supporting and empowering women and girls. I sincerely applaud her for this; it changes everything, not the least of which is my stupid premature judgements of her. I’m now a fan. And way to go on her confrontation with Woody Allen and his daughter/wife,

  • Fluffy Majestic 2 months ago

    Future generations will ask how human beings could sit by and even advocate for abortion at 40 weeks. after all, that is the formal Democrat platform. Hopefully they will find videos like this.

    One day no one will actually believe that the Democrats really were the party of humanity and compassion given their willingness to create a absolutely horrifying death to a baby that’s 40 weeks old. Go to all the marches you want, nothings going to change or mitigate that horrifying evil that you support. One day you will feel the weight of that responsibility for this horror you created. but you can’t say you weren’t warned.

  • Deborah 2 months ago

    Love Chelsea! Smarter and braver indeed! Woman power, self love and courage to us all.

  • Scary Terry 2 months ago

    Chelsea is looking fantastic!

  • David Adams 2 months ago

    I experience Chelsea as more a humorist than a standup comedian. An advice podcast should be interesting.

  • GK12202012 2 months ago

    Chelsea Handler and Jon Stewart in 2024!

  • Bill Grandone 2 months ago

    W.O.K.E Women and Others Keeping EQUALITY.

  • Eddie G 2 months ago

    Chelsea Handler 2024!

  • Jason Carney 2 months ago

    YES, Unabashed Schadenfreude!!!!!

  • delzaro habash 2 months ago

    I really loved when ahe covered for jimmy when he was gone, *cough cough seth, you look really tired, take 3 weeks off and give Chelsea the show* 😂


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