Chelsea Handler Is Ready to Become a Late-Night Talk Show Host Again

Published on November 15, 2022

Chelsea Handler discusses filling in for Jimmy Kimmel after Roe v. Wade was overturned and shares her plans to host a late-night talk show again.

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  • christian sirnam 1 year ago

    I still cannot get enough of Chelsea Handler. Television execs, I know you read dieses comments. LESEN UP!!!! America needs Chelsea Handler to have HER OWN TALK SHOW. Chelsea Handler DESERVES TO HAVE HER OWN TALK SHOW …. AGAIN.. …. GOT IT???! … Hey, she can replace that “do you know who I am???” blowhard, James Corden. Problem solved. Get her on the air, JETZT!!! … Und, vielleicht, could you please order me a pastrami on rye with Coleman’s mustard from Katz’s … maybe with a large side of cole slaw … ???

  • STEFFEN KARL 1 year ago

    How did Woody Allen meet his latest wife?it made Seth uncomfortable
    Maybe he does not know what cobbler is.

  • Darren B 1 year ago

    No thanks

  • MANNA 1 year ago

    Love Chelsea! Always have… don’t always agree with everything she says, but being a non-MAGA person I understand you don’t have to always agree on everything! 😉

  • Tara Monroe 1 year ago

    Yessss we love you Chelsea!

  • Brian Cattani 1 year ago

    I would enjoy listening to her than bill maher these days.

  • christian sirnam 1 year ago

    BTW, it’s Colman’s mustard (no e). Sorry ’bout that ….. but I’ld still like it on my pastrami on rye with a large side of coleslaw …. Still wating ….

  • Milla 1 year ago

    Is she lobbying FOR political correctness? She can choose what to write jokes about herself. She should not choose for OTHER COMEDIANS.

  • Souljourney 1 year ago

    Thank the gods for Chelsea Handler

  • Phil 1 year ago

    I watched everyday you were on Kimmel and when you make guest appearances, you tell it the way it is , great story about the blackberry cobbler and woody Allen, look the prudish Bible bangers hate anything about the body , publicly, but behind closed doors they’re sex criminal perverts

  • JKB JKB 1 year ago

    Let Chelsea replace Corden. He was never funny.

  • Orlando R Reyes Sr 1 year ago

    Yea, you are all insane. Big club welcome aboard. Stay alert, educate yourself. Live and love within your means. My motto.

  • Gabrielle Crichlow 1 year ago

    I’m so down for her talk show! I miss Chelsea Lately

  • Juan Torres 1 year ago

    The time has come for a woman to represent. Recommend Chelsea Handler host “The Daily Show”. Equality!

  • Slappywag 72 1 year ago

    She was hilarious standing in for Kimmel!


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