Cheers, Lawrence Dai…and Surprise!

Published on October 22, 2021

James ends the night with a surprise for writer Lawrence Dai on his last day working at The Late Late Show. After reading a long list of all the brilliant things Lawrence penned over the years, he brings up the one pitch that tragically never made it out of the writer’s room: A S’more Is Born. And Lawrence, a true king of a man, graces us all with a performance of his greatest work.

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  • EVELYN BUDUHAN 11 months ago

    damn this is so funny. i can’t ahahhahahahahhaah

  • Shantelle B 11 months ago

    Im legit crying. This was amazing. What a good song. What a good send off. I however think that the Le Mis Trump song was his best work.

  • Pam R 11 months ago

    This was wonderful…best wishes, Lawrence!!! 🧡

  • Robyn Simpson 11 months ago

    Lawrence, some of us love this as much as you do!! Best of luck in your next adventure!

  • Rashida 11 months ago


  • nbbim2012 11 months ago

    I love how James is so excited he can’t stop laughing even before Lawrence starts!!!! All the best on your next step

  • grobballer 11 months ago

    Lawrence is coming back….. but as Lance

  • kris bautista 11 months ago

    this is all about being part of the family. you can feel the love, im in tears.

  • Hae Hae 11 months ago

    He looks like a baby, wanna pinch those checks

  • Constantin Kwiatkowski 11 months ago

    best moment of the week 😀

  • notjustafangirl 11 months ago

    I think Lawrence was absolutely right to stand by the song, but this was probably the best use of it because it came from his heart and it was great that he was able to finally share something he’d clearly cared about for a long time on his last day. I loved it, and we’ll miss you and your writing Lawrence! Good luck!

  • Aliya Chouinard 11 months ago

    It’s so sweet that you can see everyone scooting their chairs forward at 3:35.

  • kingofthesharks 11 months ago

    This was absolute gold!

    …like the color of Lawrence’s marshmallows!

  • R Intuitive 11 months ago

    Maaan. He’s pretty irreplaceable…

  • Roman Y. 11 months ago

    We in Asia are amazed when we see so many ethnicities in such American shows. We don’t have that luxury here (in Asia). It’s so exotic and amazing to us. My hats off to you. Simply awesome!!

  • Kb V 11 months ago

    My new favorite song!!

  • xothenaa parraga 11 months ago

    this was SO awesome for you to do james! and tell BERNSTIEN to take a chill pill 😭

  • Dagger Diaz 11 months ago

    Man this made me in tears 😢


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