Charlize Theron Traumatized a Valet with Her Fake Ax

Published on July 16, 2020

Charlize Theron talks about her film The Old Guard and shares how she accidentally traumatized a valet with a massive ax she had to carry around while preparing for her role.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • ComtedeMazan6 4 weeks ago

    Thanks for your positive videos (and hopefully comments!)

  • Andy Hale 4 weeks ago

    You absolutely know that Seth would be okay with facetiming CT every morning with a compliment! 😀

  • Dayren Santamaria 4 weeks ago


  • Gustav Gnöttgen 4 weeks ago

    Can this entitled person please age a little like normal people?

  • Fnu Lnu 4 weeks ago

    She’s one of the ladies that willingly accepted Harvey Weinstein’s sex-for-starring-role scheme.

  • Tanushree Chatterjee 4 weeks ago

    “it would be considerably worse”…hmm… Seth.. you had one job, praise the movie so more people would wanna see it. LOL!!
    I saw the movie, not gonna lie, it was bad and would be worse if it was shot in her home.
    But I love CT so still watched it twice.

  • Thanh Mai 4 weeks ago

    Just saw the Old Guard over the weekend. Super dope movie and Charlize was just bada$$. Highly recommend if any of you guys haven’t seen it already 🙌💯😎👍

  • Stone Henges 4 weeks ago

    These action scenes is are cute now. Actors practice some moves and then they place the opposite on the “contact points”. Not much reactions to actions happening. It looks quite good though 🤔

  • Dayren Santamaria 4 weeks ago

    Seth, you are doing such a great job (professionally … relating to you, and also mentally and physically … relating to myself and your beautiful audience, since your show is a great medicine for my and our stress!!!) ! Please keep sharing your greatness!

  • ministerofdarkness 4 weeks ago

    Hottest 6k I’ve ever seen 😍

  • David H 4 weeks ago

    Seth: ” Obviously I prefer to see you in person ”
    It’s fucking Charlize Theron. I would kill a baby to see her in person.

  • Trek Cannon 4 weeks ago

    Damn….just fyyyyne

  • bluhousworker 4 weeks ago

    Once I liked her, now I find her repulsive. Please just go back home and care for your stupid dogs and kids. yawn

  • DSAK55 4 weeks ago

    She can hurt me all she wants

  • Bex_o7 4 weeks ago

    Airplane bathroom fight – Jack Reacher.

  • mark raffaele 4 weeks ago

    CT no longer sounds South African. A shame

  • Leggo My Ego 4 weeks ago

    The movie was kind of blah, but she is always great.

  • Bryce Cheng 4 weeks ago

    She traumatized me when she cut her beautiful long blond hair. She was like an angel with that hair.

  • Staread 4 weeks ago

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