Charlize Theron on Doctor Strange Reveal, Michael Bolton Birthday Surprise & Halloween With Her Kids

Published on October 26, 2022

Charlize talks about her relationship with Guillermo, throwing a 40th birthday party for a friend and surprising her with Michael Bolton, her kids being excited for Halloween, her new movie The School for Good and Evil, being in the latest Doctor Strange movie, and a few of our audience members teach her about her character Clea.

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  • Derek Reuter 1 year ago

    JImmy Kimmel and Jimmy Kimmel Live steal labor.

    They haven’t paid for writing and consulting performed for them yet they used the material.

    The projections I made for them proved accurate. The material and themed days/bits proposed were used.

    He skips on the bill. That’s labor theft AKA slavery. If they picked me up in a van, fellow human traffickers and sex offenders would send him an invite to their club. So let Jimmy take a walk of shame and help turn my pity party into some good ol justice?

  • Connie Beal 1 year ago

    I enjoyed watching the movie. Very entertaining.

  • Mr Pyla 1 year ago

    I hope she will gets her own show as clea

  • 3A4T 10 1 year ago

    Charlize looks like she could be a school teacher, scientist or a Senator here.
    Dmn, Bolton looks so old now, but he still sounds pretty good.

  • Lance Montes 1 year ago

    Charlize is S tier easy

  • Robbieinch1 1 year ago

    Funny, she seems so much, I really enjoyed that movie

  • vasp99 1 year ago

    Relax Charlize , Clea is D-List character who gets retrofitted into whatever the current popular culture deems suitable . Anyone could play Clea and do so accurately depending on which time period you may happened to have caught one of her cameos in .

  • rakim 1 year ago

    Goddamnit, she’s so gorgeous

  • Oluwaremilekun Bell 1 year ago

    Guillermo has a crush!!

  • david sparks 1 year ago

    The very definition of “Elitism’ … Charlize recounts the story of how her daughters got to have the very person who designed the costumes for Hocus Pocus make costumes for them…. OUCH! I guess the rest of us peasants need to buy off the shelf stuff.

  • seiryu84 1 year ago

    If Elvis Presley showed up at my house I’d freak out…and then grab whatever I could to beat him with because the zombie apocalypse has started.

  • badbiker666 1 year ago

    Regarding that clip of Michael Bolton singing to her friend, Ashley’s husband looked like he was coming in his pants.

  • Who Isayou 1 year ago

    Love her. Imagine having her as a wife and mother to your children. Perfect life

  • Blue Crystal 1 year ago

    Wow that hair color makes her almost unrecognizable.


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