Charles Barkley Plans to Auction Some Of His Trophies To Pay For New Housing In Leeds, Alabama

Published on March 11, 2020

NBA Hall of Famer and Turner Sports broadcaster, Charles Barkley, is selling some of his prized possessions to help raise money to build new housing in his hometown of Leeds, Alabama #Colbert #Comedy #CharlesBarkley

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  • Andrew Chatmon 3 months ago

    Shaq diesel..if you know you.

  • Gotemcoach23 3 months ago

    I bet if Charles Barkley ever won an NBA championship ring that he earned , he wouldn’t sell it.

  • MKAY Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day! 3 months ago

    *I wonder if Chuck E Cheese is Chuck’s favorite place*

  • tms117 3 months ago

    “we’re not friends we work together” was he for real, kidding, is there a long lasting rivalry? Someone bring me up to speed before I judge that comment

  • Epic mediocrity 3 months ago

    lemme tell you somethin

  • Michael Novik 3 months ago

    The Round Mound of Rebound:)

  • Juan Saucedo 3 months ago

    Cool, keep living your life.
    Spread that March sadness !
    Awesome to play the Olympics twice ?
    Great advice from doctor Charles,
    Let’s come together 100’s of thousands at a time and high five for a ball player making a dunk, and going home to die smiling. LOL 🤯

  • Waryaa Wariiri 3 months ago

    Is he an idiot or pretending to be one when he questions the rationality behind the bans for large people (fans) congregating at one huge indoor place?

    One infected person has a chance to infect hundreds of others in the line-ups, in the washrooms, in the seats next, at the stands, on public transports and so on.

    He is comparing that to going to workplaces which could be a few people at best.

  • A Rivera 3 months ago

    you guys are BRUTAL to Shaq!

  • Nitay Harari 3 months ago

    Its Sir Charles Barkley! stop with the Saq questions!!!!! no one cares! Ask about Kobe!!~!

  • Stbs Abs 3 months ago

    Democracy and socialism are the same thing. Historically wherever people’s health and education have been taken care of people became more productive and the economy improved massively (Norway, Denmark, Canada, Sweden, Australia). Think about it. The US owes 23 trillion, China 5 trillion and the planet altogether 80 trillion. There are institutions/entities around the world able to lend that kind of money to governments. If they are more fairly taxed they will only lose a bit of luxury and in fact they might become more productive and happy. Not a bad deal for seeing people around you also improving and also being happier and more productive. Definition of word social is (where the word socialism comes from obviously) ‘relating to society and living together in an organized/civilized way’. Black people have 10 times more chances to make money and live a better quality life in other major countries. The coronavirus is what happens when you have authoritarian governments around the world that worry more about the markets/cost than their people and tried to hide the problem significantly delaying global response. A natural punishment against the human lack of wisdom. Please take the time to vote.

  • Nao Bolliger 3 months ago

    As your life “not at all” affected by coronavirus, it’s easy to say “Live a little” – we are taking these cautions to protect kids and elderly. It was as dumb as Trump are saying. such a disapointment. How great the event as he said it would be – it’s a contribution to spreading this virus. As you might not be affected it doesn’t mean to be such a egoist. we all have to pay the share to beat this virus asap. Peolple’s life are affected directly or indirectly. think about that.

  • Hazel Moloney 3 months ago

    Why is Stephen asking celebrities about Coronavirus? It’s just going to lead to confusion.

  • Spider Man 3 months ago

    Thats Sir Charles Barkley. Until you get called “Sir”, you have no right to trash him Donkey Dray.

  • Well Read Bull 3 months ago

    Please don’t go to games. Charles might be biased here. Look at Italy, this shits not fun but necessary.

  • SeKToR 3 months ago

    Come on and slam…

  • FlameAdder 3 months ago

    Shut Up and Jam

  • Lets Go Flying 3 months ago

    My family member asked me if I heard Lebron wasn’t going to play in March Madness if the fans weren’t allowed to attend.

  • Drumpf 2030 3 months ago

    This the dude that stole everything from rihana. I never can tell you coloreds apart


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