Chaos in Congress, Trump Lawyer Pleads Guilty in Election Fraud Case & Romney/Cruz Unity Ticket?

Published on October 19, 2023

The fire department stopped by after the show to respond to smoke pouring out of our edit bays, Congress has now gone 16 days without a Speaker, Jim Jordan still claims to be in it after losing twice, Republicans are infighting, Fox News is trying to bully the holdouts into voting for Jim Jordan, Mitt Romney talks about trying to form a unity ticket with Ted Cruz in 2016 in his new book, Donald Trump’s former lawyer Sidney Powell pled guilty to six charges in Georgia, Joe Biden’s campaign now has more followers on Truth Social than the Trump campaign, we check in with the “Bachelor in Paradise” contestant who is the new face of American constipation Sam Jeffries, and This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.

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  • Alain Michel 6 months ago

    Oh Jimmy, if I said that about my wife in public I’d be in so much trouble! Hope you didn’t sleep on the couch last night.

  • Zelda Smith 6 months ago

    I love Jimmy. He’s funny and smart and is self-deprecating. Love the way he laughs.

  • Punish Studios 6 months ago

    Gym is mentally ill

  • Gregory UK 6 months ago

    Uneccesarry censorship was hilariously clever. Bravo 👏👏👌

  • Jammie Booker 6 months ago

    7:54 “2 weeks” 😂

  • Angiebear 6 months ago

    I can answer Hannity. Jordan belongs in Prison for participating in an attempted coupe against our government along with his staunchest supporters and the treacherous ex president who thinks he can appoint anyone to an important position of power. As one of the Republican’s left who hasn’t and will not break their oath to protect and defend America against all enemies foreign and domestic I can not and will not cast my vote for anyone who doesn’t respect free and fair elections.

  • Genet Wondimu 6 months ago

    The Republicans who didn’t voted for him has been threatened. The reason why he wanted to try agai & again is see, the intimidation tactics worked. Just like their ring lideres, by bullying, intimidation, veliifing people’s they think they can get what they want & can get away with it.

  • Ted Hennings 6 months ago

    What was that thing., that bill …

  • Shiloh Ivy 6 months ago

    The gop clown car is shameless

  • Cleo Cat 6 months ago

    oddly much different than usual. different writers tonight?

  • MrMbutube 6 months ago

    why tonight’s show hosts are too damn afraid to talk about Palestine-Israel war

  • Waalk meynard 6 months ago

    That’s what happen when congressmen relied heavily on endorsement of popular president and didn’t worked their way to be respected by colleagues. They’re like impotent and can’t do better, why? They’re suckers of favors and of course the intelligent ones were sidelined in party hierarchy so, this is the time they get back at these Trumphy’s handpicked, not looking at the quality of members.

  • NEWS-ish 6 months ago

    TUESDAY: Powell was still posting false claims on social media that the 2020 election was rigged against Trump.

    THURSDAY: She walked into an Atlanta courtroom and ADMITTED that she was GUILTY of trying to interfere with the 2020 election.

    TRUMP: “…Siri, book a flight to Moscow…”

  • Luis Garza 6 months ago

    Unify with Hakeem Jeffries

  • Cory ryder 6 months ago

    shes taking it very well lmao

  • m ensor 6 months ago

    Sidney Powell’s leopard print – where can I buy that? I’m a guy, but on me it would look like I’m from the cave man days. Perfect for me.

  • Paul Maggiar 6 months ago

    How does one monitor if someone is pooping or not?

  • Karen Paasche 6 months ago

    Gee, I’m so glad that Sam has pooped. Now I can get on with my life.

  • Scott Large 6 months ago

    Gutfeld writes his own jokes. Gets all the ratings

  • sheryl romine 6 months ago

    I Really wish Margie would Find a Cave and HIDE!! Matty Boy just plain Shut Up!! GYMMY Boy is only running to Please the Big Orange Daddy Trump. Jordon is NOT Capable of Negotiations Necessary to Become a Speaker!! Down with MAGA!!


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