Chance the Rapper on New Baby & Friendship with Kanye West

Published on September 18, 2019

Chance talks about mentioning Jimmy in a song, having a new baby, choosing to take paternity leave, Kanye West being his spiritual advisor, collaborating with great artists on his new album, performing stand-up comedy at The Laugh Factory, and he reveals how his wedding inspired him musically.

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  • Miguel Cotrich 1 month ago

    That’s awesome great interview that was cool

  • Juls 1 month ago

    I’ve always liked Chance the rapper, but I fell in love with him when he hosted SNL. Not only the parody of “boys to men”, with the song 🎶come back Barack🎶, but the pie’ce de re’sistance was his skit where he was a sports reporter who had to substitute and cover a hockey game. Laughed for days afterwards. He gives back to his community, loves his beautiful family…how can anyone not love him!❤️🤗❤️

  • Dani 1 month ago

    Uu I love my wife IGH

  • heyman2211 1 month ago

    I heard chance’s new album when is came out a couple weeks ago, and god dam it’s a beautiful album, anybody that says otherwise doesn’t understand the work that this man puts into his music.

  • Bob Simmons 1 month ago

    Now this is the way to conduct oneself.
    Unlike most of the ignorant illiterate rappers

  • Daniel August 1 month ago

    Jesus is King, let’s go!

  • The Sphinx 1 month ago

    But did you guys know chance loves his wife ?

  • YouWantThat? _ 1 month ago

    YOURE NOT TALKING ABOUT TRUMP THIS TIME?! I’m very impressed jimmy… very impressed.

    And no I don’t like trump. But I don’t say that he’s racist, sexist, or whatever some idiots say about him. He’s our president. You should really grow up.

  • Leandros Amarantidis 1 month ago

    So are the rumors true about this guy ? He loves his Wife ?

  • King Duvall 1 month ago

    When you realize percolator so underrated that so somebody going to make it popular in 2019

  • Lll l 1 month ago

    Looks like he is good person.. bless him

  • Bryan Thomas 1 month ago

    Jimmy Kimmel @9:02 – “I thought it was an appliance”
    Chance the Rapper – “Well you apply it in life” underated off the cuff rapper!

  • Nicolas 1 month ago

    F Kanye, and yes, he just figured out that god exists, he thaught he was god till now, turns out he is actually a fresh fresh turd!

  • DeGrace 1 month ago

    yall I heard this crazy story bout Chance the Rapper…


    and he’s awesome.

  • Ta Ran 1 month ago

    It’s kind of sad how much they’re cheering an involved father- it really should just be the norm…

  • Bill Wilson CIA 1 month ago

    “So uh… how ’bout my wife, right? IGH!” – snippet from Chance’s comedy special

  • Mzeak 1 month ago

    Can y’all go support my song on my YouTube

  • PKA Replay 1 month ago

    Garbage artist doesn’t matter what he does, his new album is more a joke than anything he said this interview or will say in stand-up

  • Motaz 1 month ago

    i see chance, I click on the video

  • S. Lee 1 month ago

    Liked him until the bible and kanye talk…


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