CBS Has A New Smash Hit Sitcom: The Insurrectionists

Published on June 8, 2022

Who knows how this not-so-star-studded cast will get along! #Colbert #Comedy #ColdOpens

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  • Rainbow Unicorn 1 year ago

    Trump to Proud Boys:
    I’ll be there for youuuuuuu…

  • Cheryl Sibson 1 year ago

    Matthew McConaughey had done a stunning speech kinda surprised you haven’t written about that.

  • Marijuanifornia 1 year ago

    The 13-minute, 42-second 1942 US Department of Agriculture video *Hemp for Victory* is the key to reducing unemployment, reducing poverty, reducing hunger, reducing homelessness, reducing health care costs, reducing crime, reducing police brutality, reducing government spending, reducing political corruption, reducing pollution, replacing fossil fuels, ending deforestation and stopping climate change, all at the same time.
    There is an official .gov link to the film from the US National Archives. It has been public since 1990.
    There was a bill in Congress titled HR 3652, the *Hemp for Victory Act of 2019.*

    This right here is a real reason for a real Revolution. That’s why no one will talk about it.

  • Robert Cartier 1 year ago

    _”Young Shaman”_ …I damn near pissed myself! lol

  • D Bone 1 year ago

    I feel like they’ve used that Young Shaman joke before.

    Not complaining though.

  • Cheri Ann 1 year ago

    So, I guess they aren’t even pretending that this is anything more than a sideshow. Great.

  • DoggyZworlD 1 year ago

    Broooo, how u gonna do Alf like that man lol

  • Leonardo Araújo Hardman Côrtes 1 year ago

    How dare you, steve colb bear! Insulting beloved ALF comparing him toRuddy?

  • Alec Y Not. 1 year ago

    Is this the only way to get Trump to turn up?

  • Mark Kasprzyk 1 year ago

    The insurrectionists who were unarmed? You dope

  • John Scott 1 year ago

    Without their army of CCP funded ballot box stuffing Mules the DemoRAT Communist Party will become nothing more than a bad stain on our nation’s collective past. Happy J-6th “Commie A Holes”….

  • Asha Self 1 year ago

    Aaaaaw why’d they do Alf like dat?!

  • Save The Jungle 1 year ago

    And the offshoot proud boys reality show

  • Stefania Hanley 1 year ago

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  • Margaret Scott 1 year ago

    Laughing so hard I am crying! Perfection!

  • Napalm Holocaust 1 year ago

    They don’t deserve jokes. Just a drop.


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