Cartoon Donald Trump: The Midterms Are All About Me… Maybe

Published on November 3, 2018

Cartoon Donald Trump, star of ‘Our Cartoon President’ on Showtime, says the midterm elections are all about him. Unless they don’t go well.

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  • Amod Sandeepa 10 months ago

    Will there be a live telecast on YouTube on election day? Please…

  • Aiman Marzuqi 10 months ago

    The voice actor has quite a convincing Trump impression

  • POLITICS LIVE 10 months ago

    *Will there be a live telecast on YouTube on election day? Please…*

  • eruis 313 10 months ago

    Even cartoon Trump has small hands👐🤣

  • ElmerFuddGun 10 months ago

    1:01 – Stumping? I thought it was a _mushroom?_

  • Berk Sarioz 10 months ago

    Such a narcissist. He takes credit for things he didn’t do. He doesn’t take responsibility for anything he does.

  • Phil Chao 10 months ago

    why does trump sound like homer simpson?

  • Staubkorn Hempel 10 months ago

    2 years ago everybody thought he wouldn’t win. Now everybody believes in a blue wave. I really hope you’re right this time. 😶

  • ElmerFuddGun 10 months ago

    They should live stream the live show on Tuesday! _It’ll kill in the ratings!_

  • ThePalatineHill 10 months ago

    Dude, it all makes sense now, we’ve had a cartoon villain as president all along! Where is the writer of this thing? We need to sue em to get this shit show canceled and get our country back!

  • New Message 10 months ago

    I can not wait for all that ‘it’s a vote for me, you’re voting for me’, stuff to be thrown back in his face when the Dems sweep in.

  • Juliet V 10 months ago

    The cartoon orange looks like it is 0.000001% smarter than the real one.

  • LispyLeaf 10 months ago

    Thank you so much for posting this amazing video🎉

  • TheReal008Zulu 10 months ago

    Aide: The results are in, and… the Republicans won!
    Trump: Yes!! I did it, I am the greatest!
    Aide: Oh wait, the recount says Democrats won.
    Trump: Goddamn Republicans, those assholes can’t do anything right.
    Aide: No, wait, the recount was a mistake. Republicans won!
    Trump: Suck it Democrats, see, this is what happens when I take charge; I won this election for the Republicans.
    Aide: Oh wait, Republican votes are being cast out due to widespread fraud. The Democrats… yep the Democrats are the definite winners.
    Trump: …
    Aide: Sir? Sir… oh, you’ve had another stroke. The ambulance is on it’s way, sir. By the way, I am glad you started wearing diapers. I did not want to clean up another mess like last time.

  • Action Hiro 10 months ago

    Trump is a narcissistic Villain
    Mueller is America’s Super Hero

    Trump is looking for that green crystalline Kryptonite but all he finds is Crystal Meth

    That explains things!!

  • Action Hiro 10 months ago

    This Sk8er Boi will be voting Blue.
    When the demos win
    I will be jumping on my guitar
    Singing and shouting see you later Boi Trump

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 10 months ago

    Mr. President, think of it as a “Trust Fall”

  • AIRLINENA 10 months ago

    I have the greatest YouTube channel! And diarrhea ‼️✌🏻🧔🏻

  • Slaughter House 5 10 months ago

    Drumpf is not even as articulate as his cartoon counterpart!


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