Carol Kane Got Pranked By Andy Kaufman | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

Published on November 24, 2021

(Original airdate: 11/24/94) Carol Kane talks about her unconventional Thanksgiving plans and the “peculiar and magnificent” experience of working with Andy Kaufman.

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  • Kevy Nova 2 years ago

    I love her.

  • Ian Price 2 years ago

    You’re my dad Conan, I love that you know the past part of sneak.

  • MARK Alocon 2 years ago

    Imagine how funny would that story be if Norm said it

  • Zen Quagga 2 years ago

    This is before she moved into a boat disguised as an apartment

  • Barry Lyndon 2 years ago

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    … and then I woke up and it was monday which is today and right now and I was listening to this video and there was two dudes playing slap jacks while drinking huckleberry wine from mason jars while wearing cowboy hats and in a way im kinda glad I skipped sunday because sunday is like one too many days ya know its like monday sure tuesday okay wednesday whatever thursday alright friday mos def saturday hell yeah sunday meh…

    … and tha friggin spacestuff molecules like dots go bang bang form matter matter cool matter live amoeba ta fish ta frog ta fowl ta monkey ta mammal ta man quid pro quo amo amas amat sprinkle on cheese leave on grill ad infinitum memento mori in pace requisat or whatnot reunited and it feels so go oo ood…

    … its like Billy Bragg says… your face at the window and my hair on the floor I was thinking of you all winter long while I was locked in my room your face at the window and my hair on the floor and the phone rang all night long to tell me I was wrong and I watched while the officer wrote all their ages down cause strange things happen when you’re not around our love is so strong it moves objects in my house magical moments have found their way back home…

  • Max 2 years ago

    Andy Kaufman was so ahead of his time that if he were alive today he would still be ahead of his time.

  • Cleveland BCI 2 years ago

    “You did it with anodda woman!!!”
    I’ll never forget my late dad crying/laughing at her yelling at Latka.

  • HPMcQueen 2 years ago

    “She hit me with a toaster!”

  • misanthropic generation 2 years ago

    Wow she was beautiful

  • dynomar 2 years ago

    She looks like the type that just showered but is still dirty

  • Guy 2 years ago

    My father recognized Andy as we walked through the Broadway district one night. We stopped to chat with him, and Andy was just this kooky character with a kooky language. He never broke character and never admitted to being Andy. It was genius.

  • Kevin Blessing 2 years ago

    God I love all the trips back. Thanks team Coco, I am constantly thankful I subscribed to this channel. Who knew the Irish had a slenderman that only wanted to make people laugh with old timey jokes and attack cookies? You guys did.

  • Windsor Kid 2 years ago

    She was hot in “Racing with the Moon”, with Sean Penn and Nick Cage.

  • Daniel Campbell 2 years ago

    Don’t worry folks, she’s okay.

  • Medalion 2 years ago

    Very intruiging woman… never seen an actress light her before or since

  • Daniel Campbell 2 years ago

    You can tell this is back during Conan’s “I’m trying to be smooth” phase. Worked on me!

  • bluebeluga 2 years ago

    She was great in Scrooged.

  • M.E. Nyman 2 years ago

    What a sweet lady


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