Carol Anderson – “One Person, No Vote” & The Impact of Voter Suppression | The Daily Show



  • Jack Hackman 2 years ago

    LOL… Americans still believe they are free….LOL Good thing they(Americans) never travel. If they did they would find excellent health care, high wages, great employment….in OTHER countries.

  • cuellar4500 2 years ago

    This interview is mind blowing

  • MerMadenUSA 2 years ago

    Just realized I checked my voting status and it was inactive due to address verification issue. I have voted for the last 20 years of my life. My social security number, which makes me feel as a possession of the US, is always ME. And my fingerprints, etc. You know where I’m going with this. Techs have this in the bag! ?

  • Eisdax 2 years ago

    31 voter fraud cases out of 1 billion. That’s 0,0000000003% out of all votes,… just for the people who wanted to know.

  • melanie tong 2 years ago

    In Malaysia, we had very similar problems. The people staged peaceful protests (BERSIH – which means ‘clean’) demanding for FREE and FAIR elections a few years in a row. We were tear-gassed, hosed down with water cannons, the whole works. Finally, this year on May 9, we toppled the corrupt government that had ruled the country for decades. All through the power of the vote. And the power of the people who volunteered to be polling agents throughout the country. And a movement that helped mobilize voters to get to their polling stations. And a persuasive Opposition party (who governs the country now). And much more. Anything can happen when the people band together with a common goal.

  • clumsiii 2 years ago

    is that 1 ramp 2 ant?

  • Mathias B. 2 years ago

    Rampant voter Fraud … There was one guy named Ram and another guy named pant and both of them committed Voter fraud.

  • dogless10 2 years ago

    The Grand Obstructionist Party wouldn’t stand a chance in many, many elections without voter suppression. ?

  • Annie Ranai 2 years ago

    What she is describing…This…This is the Bad Place!
    What a nightmare, just to exercise your right to vote!

  • swirlingone 2 years ago

    Thank you, Trevor. I don’t know why I haven’t seen Carol Anderson on more interviews. Democrats and other media should spotlight these facts and talking points on voter suppression.

  • Gabe Bazurto 2 years ago

    I dont understand why Americans allowing this to happen. I am seeing weakness in the democratic party. We need new and brave blood in the democratic party.

  • Dave Galbraith 2 years ago

    you black stupid ass bitch

  • filosofodemierda 2 years ago

    Trump is not in the WH because of voter suppression. He LOST the popular vote. The electoral college who has nothing to do with voters like ourselves decided to vote for him and that is what made him unfortunately the president. I will never understand this dumb argument of he won because people were suppressed or whatever.

  • Johnny 2 years ago

    Meanwhile Crystal Mason was arrested, trialed and doing prison sentence, for the hideous crime of voting in Texas.

    This is incredible. Dear Americans, go and vote those conservatives out of power so you can return the people their constitutionally owned rights.

  • Nuance6 2 years ago

    When they say America is still racist , whites get upset? Y’all still using these clear racist laws set in racist time to keep doing racist things and you don’t wanna be called a racist? Hit me with that bull shit

  • uknow who 2 years ago

    All America has to do is assign everyone a voter ID number which would be the equivalent of a social security number for all eligible voters. But the big little secret is Washington doesn’t want everyone to vote. Democrats and Republicans alike like things the way they are. They can better control us that way.

  • Lilly N. 2 years ago

    The devil works hard but Republicans work even harder!

  • Nancy vanselow 2 years ago

    My white son got caught in the miasma of identity card replacement in Mississippi. It was an insane nightmare!! He had lived in Mississippi, then moved to Hawaii, then lost all his ID. He literally was told he couldn’t get his drivers’ license without his birth certificate or his birth certificate without his drivers’ license. It was the most ridiculous, insane instance of bureaucracy for bureaucracy’s sake that I’d seen in many years. Luckily for my son, he was born in Maryland and we could navigate around the ridiculous roadblocks. I kept asking “What do people do who are born in Mississippi?” The officials I spoke to didn’t have an answer to that! Seriously! This happened in 2017!

  • Barb Dawson 2 years ago

    Textbook voter suppression all the same plan. Organized by corporations at ALEC, and implemented into law by republican legislators members of ALEC as well. At all levels, locals, state, Fed.

  • bigbaddawg101 2 years ago

    Before the 2016 election, North Dakota declared that tribal IDs were valid for voting in the state. Thousands of Native Americans are not allowed to vote because they can’t get a state ID because reservations don’t have addresses. They get all their mail through the post office that is on the reservation. Most people think it is retaliation for the pipeline protests.


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