Carey Mulligan Nearly Lost A Suitcase Full Of Gifts While Listening To Taylor Swift



  • imran wildkid 9 months ago

    I see taylor swift: i click.

  • Florence Martinelli 9 months ago

    Graham Norton embodies why American Talk shows are worse

  • Jack Messent 9 months ago

    Carey is so pretty!

  • Monky Dollqueen 9 months ago

    There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing

  • Erika B. 9 months ago

    Note taken! Always have one hand on your rolling suitcase! I’d be so mortified to ask for help if this happened to me.

  • Xensonar 9 months ago

    I’d have got the airpod for her if she asked. It’s a pain when you lose one of those buggers.

  • Isabel Anne 9 months ago

    She is so elegant.

  • Don 9 months ago

    I fell in absolute love with Carey Mulligan when I saw her in “Blink.” I think she is easily one of the top five lovliest ladies in the world.

  • Vismay Gupta 9 months ago

    Well, no wonder 7 men jumped at the opportunity of helping her.

  • Galman Ferguson 9 months ago

    Have always loved her since Pride and Prejudice. Such a gifted yet down-to-earth woman.

  • The Messenger 9 months ago

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  • Music Elf 9 months ago

    Sometimes people are so helpfull :)) if you are beautiful enough :))

  • Scott Crosby 9 months ago

    The crush is real

  • John Adams 9 months ago

    You keep SPOILING the end of the story with the titles…

  • Da5id C 9 months ago

    You were listening to Taylor Swift – you’re lucky to get off so lightly

  • sophia ryan 9 months ago

    honestly taylor was probably in the suitcase she lost

  • AnnetteWarren 9 months ago

    „Listening to music, having the nicest time on my own, without my kids“ as a mother I can sooo relate! 😂😂

  • LOVE HEARTS 9 months ago

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