Cardi & Megan Give “WAP” New Meaning And Harry’s Banana Turns Heads At The GRAMMYs

Published on March 15, 2021

Last night’s fantastic GRAMMY Awards telecast was marked by big statements from artists like Cardi B. and Megan Thee Stallion, who seized the moment with their performance of “WAP,” and Harry Styles who let his fashion do the talking. #MeganTheeStallion #CardiB #GRAMMYS

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  • Kayli G 7 months ago

    Stephan has officially accepted he’s working from home forever and built a studio

  • Donna Haynes 7 months ago

    “never let it fade away”

  • mzmendy 7 months ago

    I literally saw a man playing uptown funk on the cello in my recommended videos yesterday.

  • Maria Chacon 7 months ago

    Watching you from Germany with envy 🥺 we have no vaccines in Europe…you can guess why Pfizer and others are only delivering to the US 😏 stay safe people and get the vaccine!!!

  • Glenn Laroche 7 months ago

    Excellent Perry Como, tho……..

  • Gwenhwyfar Bell 7 months ago

    Quarantine day number 371 and Stephen is losing his shit.

  • NEIL DUTTON 7 months ago

    It’s Beyonce’s world, we just live in it.

  • Hammy Towner 7 months ago

    Oh I dunno.. I say we leave those unwilling to take the vaccine… alone. Smart people will be vaccinated… and the others.. will FINALLY be gone. Cuz Nature.

  • FugleSkarn Productions 7 months ago

    props dept getting fiiired

  • Ro G 7 months ago

    “How dare we be funny on a comedy show.”
    **throws marshmallows**

  • Ten Bird Nim 7 months ago

    If corona virus is from China, why isn’t it called China Virus or Chinese Virus?

  • Autum Breeze 7 months ago

    Is… it sad I only know who Yo Yo Ma is because of his guest appearance in that 1 episode of the kids’ show Arthur?

  • Daniel Miller 7 months ago

    You’re not alone Stephen. Help is available. 📱

  • ayrton ong 7 months ago

    The shallow fountain macroscopically need because jeep disconcertingly pull down a animated kevin. sharp, swift owl

  • Caroljo 420 7 months ago

    One thing Dr. Fauci learned is if you butter up the orange turd, he’ll do whatever you want him to do!

  • Scoots Mahgoots 7 months ago

    Hoop de do was always my Perry Como go to….

  • Elizabeth 7 months ago

    75yos may know a Beatles song more than a Perry Como song…75yo were teenagers in the 60s& 70s!

  • Irene Harnack 7 months ago

    Well, If you don’t see a banana penis necklace coming it’s probably for the best. Gives a new meaning to ‘fruit cocktail’!

  • sirpicksalot_ 7 months ago

    Weird that if you just say that you’re a democrat (or republican) all of a sudden your terrible music is celebrated. WAP? Even judging it from a rap lyricism perspective it’s garbage. Judging it from the perspective of any kind of music theory (the background music) it’s beyond garbage. But that’s just what us Americans do. Rally around the team right?

  • willimacdo 7 months ago

    those penis/banana jokes write themselves lol


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