Carbon Offsets: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published on August 22, 2022

John Oliver explains what carbon offsets are, what they claim to do, how they might be making climate change even worse, and, of course, how Oscar Isaac is getting hotter.

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  • Markus V. 7 months ago

    Sadly, Oliver’s Offsets ships to the US, only. Would have spent that dollar (or Euro in my case).
    Tried to check yepyou but it’s blocked in the company’s firewall for “provocative attire” – There are probably pics with fur on that site and I’m not gonna kink-shame our IT guys.

  • Kate Muya Kuehl 7 months ago

    I have a new dream job. How do I apply to make absurd websites for John Oliver?? I know React JS and Typescript, VueJS, Angular, Flask, and of course, HTML/CSS. Hire me?? 🤣

  • J J 7 months ago

    This would have had a greater impact with a Rowdy Roddy Piper deep fake.

    I came here to give bad news and eat porridge. And I’m. All. Out. Of. Porridge.

  • Nic De Houwer 7 months ago

    That ending wasn’t the droids I was looking for

  • Jash Campbizzle 7 months ago

    Wow John. You’re really pushing the limits here. I can stand a lot of what you say here, no matter how much I may or may not disagree, but you crossed the line today. KIT KATS ARE THE BEST, AND REESE’S CAN GO KICK SOME ROCKS

  • ToxicSeaSponge1 7 months ago

    On behalf of Ireland, I’d like to thank John and everyone who donates for saving our whales and dolphins, we were unsure if they’d have enough trees to live through the winter in.

  • Alex Mihai 7 months ago

    You can’t reduce emissions without reducing emissions? *shocked Pikachu face*

  • Dan Schmo 7 months ago

    mr burns,” no I think I’m happier with the dollar.”

  • Buck Rodgers 7 months ago

    I’m afraid the time for ‘Offsets’ has come and gone. Corporations that have big carbon footprints need to eliminate their carbon output altogether, then they can start supporting the planting of trees and so on. Because even if there was enough space on the planet to plant enough trees to ‘offset’ what they put out, that only counts for this year; And it takes a few years for saplings to become useful in that manner, so all the years while they aren’t useful; How much extra carbon have they put into the air? So it results in more damage that they haven’t reduced in the first place. And if the big corporations want to keep their ‘greedy ways’, they need stop terraforming this planet into ‘the new Venus’, because if they think they can just run to Mars, they are delusional.

  • Tiffany Marie 7 months ago

    Wild wendover sam egads

  • alexx098 7 months ago

    Why not plant trees and reduce carbon footprint

  • Rafael Santos 7 months ago

    Yooo so cool to see a wendover video appear on TV. Goes to show how much amazing content there is on YouTube.

  • Andy 7 months ago

    What a coincidence. I just bought a comic book of short stories on climate change: Ten Years to Save the World juat released this year, collected by Komiket, with the works of UK and Filipino artists.

    Some of the stories were on the nose. But some were really cool and thought-provoking.

    It was kinda pricey, but I bought it at my first cosplay convention, and I do love the topic, and the art is very good. So in short, worth it.

    I do wish we can save the world. A solarpunk utopia seems so cool although I hate the less minimalistic clothes.

  • suavo bois 7 months ago

    so much money being made without anyyyy service or product – capitalism in the 21st century

  • kelqka 7 months ago

    ngl, this straight up sounds like the capitalism version of paying the church for indulgence…

  • Tranquil thoughts 7 months ago

    Ok, the goal is clear here right? Pay enough money so that john oliver can NEVER cut down this tree. Let’s see, 1 Dollar for 5 minutes of protection. That’s 102.528$ per year. Set up the gofundme campaign right now before it’s too late!

  • Theena 7 months ago

    “Violently British man” is a hilarious phrase. Thanks, John. I am a use that from now on.

  • Capt. Irk 7 months ago

    You could see the relief in his face when he was able to start the chainsaw lol

  • YourLogicalNightmare 7 months ago

    I love a good environmentalist fraud.
    The morality narcissists don’t like being exposed

  • Paolo Rossignoli 7 months ago

    no way he started that chainsaw in two tries


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