Can Trump’s Lawyers Block Stormy Daniels’ ’60 Minutes’ Appearance?

Published on March 12, 2018

Trump’s lawyers are doing everything in their power to prevent Stormy Daniels’ ’60 Minutes’ interview from airing. Even though nothing happened between them! Nothing!

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  • Harry 3 years ago

    Just a list of dumbest shit the Orange Twat has said/done or has been described as.
    1. Dumbest Goddamn Student I Ever Had – Trump’s Professor
    2. Nepotism
    3. “Wrote” (ghost-written by someone else) “The Art of the Deal,” but went bankrupt 6 times.
    4. Thinks “Gyna” invented Global Warming/ Climate and Weather are the same thing
    5. Thinks a Kenyan can become a US President.
    6. Doesn’t know what the Nuclear Triad is
    7. Thinks people can’t see photos (inauguration photo)
    8. Thinks showing a mountain of folders proves that he paid his taxes. (proudly proclaims he evaded taxes/Thinks he can’t show his tax returns when he’s under audit)
    9. Covfefe
    10. Two Corinthians
    11. Thinks Fredrick Douglas is still alive
    12. Doesn’t know the difference between Syria and Iraq/Thinks there’s a country called Nambia/Thinks Israel isn’t part of the Middle East
    13. Puerto Rico – doesn’t know what an island is
    14. Thinks Virgin Island is not part of the US
    15. Bing Bing Bong
    16. Doesn’t know what Uranium is
    17. Cut Cut Cut Act
    18. Diversary x 3
    19. Failed budget plan with $2Trillion accounting error (he’s an econ “major”)
    20. Thinks Japanese people are still samurais
    21. Still gets into Twitter Feuds (it’s 71 years old)
    22. Thinks internet has taxes and tv networks need licenses
    23. Looks at solar eclipse without sunglasses when even 5 years olds know not to do so.
    24. Needs to be nudged by his Slovenian wife to place his hands on his chest during a National Anthem (possibly doesn’t know the National Anthem)
    25. Thinks name-calling is Presidential (Rocket man, short and fat, bloody face-lift, etc.)
    26. Think Putin will be truthful when asked “did you meddle?”
    27. Iran Nuclear Deal speech (I really recommend you guys to read the transcript. Amazingly retarded)
    28. Thinks there’re good people among KKK/Neo-Nazis
    29. Thinks 12 days of traveling is life-threateningly difficult (on a tacky private plane)
    30. Forgets to sign an executive order when that was literally the only thing he had to do
    31. Doesn’t know our law and how Government works (25th amendment, healthcare, Justice Department etc)
    32. Thinks Kim Jong Un’s been the leader of North Korea for 25 years.
    33. Thinks exercising too much uses up the body’s “finite” energy (basically doesn’t know physics and biology.)
    34. Thinks Andrew Jackson was alive during Civil War
    35. Doesn’t understand our first amendment (basically knows nothing
    36. Thinks he invented the phrase “priming the pump”
    37. Golfing (maxed out secret service’s fund in less than a year)
    38. Has more twitter feuds than beauty gurus.
    39. Shithole Countries comment (technically him speaking in general)
    40. Doesn’t know what treason is
    41. Release the Nunes Memo
    42. Military Parade to cheer himself up because he’s a tiny little bitch
    43. Had sex with a porn star (which is all fine) but failed to cover up and now has to go to court and even brings corruption into question.
    44. Talks to game developers about our gun problem.
    45. Tariff on steels and aluminum (because you know, they’re basically useless and won’t affect our economy)
    46. Thinks he can beat Oprah with words (bing bong bing)
    47. Thinks he can negotiate a deal with Kim Jong Un to drop nuclear weapons (cause he’s so good with words and negotiations. Just look at his 4 bankrupt businesses)
    48. To be continued until 2020, hopefully will end soon.

  • Caroline Maybe 3 years ago

    I thought he was gonna go more porn about the “break free of the restraints” lol

  • Jack Jessen 3 years ago


  • SAMZIRRA 3 years ago

    I love you Stephen Colbert!!!

  • Thankfull Friend 3 years ago

    Fifty shades of Orange is actually happening

  • Adrain Acha 3 years ago

    Freedom of speech !!!

  • JCTiggs 3 years ago

    Well this is 215 minutes early!

  • Thankfull Friend 3 years ago

    Trump continues to loose bigly

  • Angel Pendragon 3 years ago

    You know, nothing says “innocent” like keeping it in the down low.

  • moonwalkingthroughlife 3 years ago

    Glad they’re releasing clips earlier now

  • Marc T 3 years ago

    I liked this video before even watching it

  • ursaltydog 3 years ago

    Thing is… Cohen paid for her silence… or rather her and donald’s fake name silence.. So contractually, he’s admitted to paying for it.. the contract is null and void whereas fake names are not legal to use.. and he may need that money back for his mortgage payment.. 🙂

  • SweatyShivers 3 years ago

    “Over 2 minutes of hard-core action”,that sounds like a bit of a stretch, better ask Melania

  • Jeff corsiglia 3 years ago

    So, let me get this straight. Trumptards elected him because they thought Hillary Clinton was too corrupt. The irony is laughable and sad. If Trump were a democrat he would have been impeached by now.

  • Lara Bryson 3 years ago

    F*uck Trump

  • camelshit 3 years ago

    Well, it’s certainly high time to Storm the shithole of a trump white house!

  • Eric Ling 3 years ago

    On the off chance a porn video of Trump exists and is released I think I’ll take a break from the internet for a year or so.

  • NOYDB 3 years ago

    The dictator challenges free speech because of a fake story?

    How stupid are his followers?

    And again, take a look at the two cases that mysteriously ended in the first week of November 2016.

    Stormy was scheduled to talk, and so was the 13 year old participant in trumps pedo party.

    Both cases miraculously died at the same time. $$$$$

  • Nathaniel Hagan 3 years ago

    I like how the 2 minute sex tape was on a VHS. not even worth a DVD.

  • New Message 3 years ago

    When the porn star wants to pay you so she can get oral.. you’re in trouble.


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