Can Millennials Open a Can of Tuna?

Published on December 11, 2018

Canned tuna consumption is down more than 40% over the past three decades and the tuna companies believe the reason is because Millennials don’t want go to the trouble of opening a can. The Vice President of StarKist said ‘a lot of millennials don’t even own can openers.’ We found that hard to believe, so we decided to put that theory to the test. We went out on the street to ask young people walking by to try to open a can of tuna, and this is how that went.

The Story of the Chanucorn!

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  • Nathan Pelayo 2 years ago


  • B Lee 2 years ago

    open a can of tuna? there’s gotta be apps on my iPhone that can open tuna cans, right?

  • anandban 2 years ago

    Can Late night hosts host?

  • Don b 2 years ago

    I just made a tuna sandwich about an hour ago.

  • bennywarren17 2 years ago

    Straya represent

  • Colin S 2 years ago

    There’s no way this is real. Even if you’ve never used a can opener you should be able to figure it out. A 6 year old has the problem solving skills to open a can

  • Hannah B-J 2 years ago

    I guarantee you most knew how to open it. They just didn’t show you those.

  • Chris John 2 years ago

    1:49 is that Scotty sire ??? LMAO

  • Wrath 2 years ago

    Them millennial’s are so dumb.

  • MeteoricMarlin 2 years ago

    They can solve that by making the cans with the tab to open.

  • min may Ngo 2 years ago

    Lol I could cook when I was 5. Americans are dumb.

  • Marti Kurz 2 years ago

    you guys realize that the only person who was able to open the damn can was NOT amercian?? so I really think being a millenial is not the problem…it’s being american!!!

  • Brandon Malik 2 years ago

    How bout u don’t get idiots to open a can opener

  • Neon Boat 2 years ago

    I can

  • Juan T 2 years ago

    Most of us millennials can open a can of tuna. The question is, do we know what to do with it?

    I’ll admit I don’t miss with canned seafood. So it’s gonna be a no for me, dawg.

  • bellesogne 2 years ago

    Who here has a P-38 on their key chain?

  • JDEADPOOL23 2 years ago

    When I was younger I could never open a can with a can opener. As a millennial, I can say that I STILL CANNOT use a can opener.

  • Diedrie Gibbs 2 years ago

    The ones that couldn’t open it, I bet if they were to have given them a bottle open or a fancy wine opener, they would totally know how to do it

  • XxQueenxiexX 2 years ago

    Do u really think we that dumb?

  • Adam Muklewicz 2 years ago

    It seems like most of these people are born with down’s syndrome.

  • Gene 2 years ago

    Yet they pick their gender and worse… RIP America.


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