Can Millennials Open a Can of Paint?

Published on April 18, 2019

Millennials are very good when it comes to stuff like posting selfies at Coachella, but there are some skills they lack. So we went on the street this afternoon to ask young people if they can open a can of paint. It’s not so hard but let’s see if these passers-by can figure out how to do it.

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  • Kemal Beyaztas 2 years ago

    Elders try not to get scammed online..

    Try that and see how it works. I know 15 elders who got scammed cause they are gullible idiots who click on everything online that said “you won!”

  • IZZEND 2 years ago

    Kimmel showing once again how stupid people are in California.

  • C T 2 years ago

    Oh come on Jimmy, we all know what to do when we need to open a can of paint.
    _We Google it!_ ?

  • psumiz 2 years ago

    Is this real?

  • NYCrazyRob 2 years ago

    Couldn’t they Google/YouTube how to do it on their phones?

  • David TheFlower 2 years ago

    Those last 2 did a great job, she realized mid-opening that she was messing up, rolled with it and admitted she didn’t know how to do it into the camera. He found a way to do it despite not knowing how.
    Proud millennial is proud.

  • lnevitabiIity 2 years ago

    Young adults from California:
    *Tries to open a can of paint in every way except the correct way.*

  • specialpatrolgroup92 2 years ago

    Speaking as a millennial, what the hell? Why are they finding it so difficult? Even if you’ve never done it before (which seems a tad odd in itself) isn’t it obvious?

  • salty 2 years ago

    I would be surprised if millenials could sharpen a pencil. Our country is screwed.

  • A YouTube Account 2 years ago

    No way. That dumbass with the plunger had to be an actor.

  • Ancient Chronicler 2 years ago

    What does being from Mississippi have to do with opening paint?

  • bilal abbas 2 years ago

    i swear technology making people dumer and dumer

  • G WIZZ 2 years ago

    Stop mocking us Jimmy Kimmel

  • Marvel. Thalia 2 years ago

    You only need to open a can of paint, when you need to use the can of paint. At that time you can look up online or ask someone or just figure it out from trial and error how to open the can.

  • Matthew S. 2 years ago

    I’m asking you Jimmy and your cousin Sal! Can you open the can?

  • par 290 2 years ago

    Okay, now they should make an old person open a pc and do a random thing

  • Xavier R Gomez 2 years ago

    people believe this is real

  • wischmopeimer 2 years ago

    Failure of the previous generation to teach basic life lessons??

  • Deepti Rawat 2 years ago

    This is so random but lol

  • Zawn Kostean 2 years ago

    Cant wait to see how stupid next wave of millenials will be


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