Can Dads Answer Questions About Their Kids?

Published on June 14, 2019

In honor of Father’s Day, we wanted to put some dads to the test. We went out on the street and asked them to answer basic questions about their kids and the results will amaze you. #PopQuiz

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  • RidhaFA 12 months ago

    Oh my god!

  • Rogue 12 months ago

    ???? my dad don’t know my birthday either

  • john ayacko 12 months ago

    condoms will be out of stock this weekend at wallmart.

  • MahaVakyas 12 months ago

    LMAO that dude’s daughter’s birthday was “yesterday” and he didn’t know omg

  • Jamal Ezzeddine 12 months ago

    I mean how in the world do you not know some of this stuff? Birthdays you should definetly know.

  • Ian Yang 12 months ago

    This is too hilarious that I have to download this clip so I can watch it over and over again whenever I feel downcast.

  • pk Smith 12 months ago

    The mother’s always know best

  • wenni sun 12 months ago

    last man lol! this is the biggest difference between mom and dad

  • The Weekender 12 months ago

    How can you not know the answers to these questions. Not like they asked things the kid would hide ???‍♂️. Am sure they are great dads but come on, use your brain cells!

  • Marina A 12 months ago

    okay I really this isn’t how everyone answered…if so we as a country are kinda really screwed

  • Hey Lucas 12 months ago

    As someone who was raised exclusively by my dad it’s a little crazy to see how little these dads know about their kids! My dad knows everything about me

  • Priyanshu 12 months ago

    Let’s ask those questions to God , because we are sons and daughters of him or her. Let’s see if he or she knows.

  • Da Soulja 12 months ago

    2:45 The last guy, I haven’t seen anyone else more disappointed in themselves

  • Salizwa Nongauza 12 months ago

    Standards for fatherhood are incredibly low

  • awsumocoolbeans 12 months ago

    People stop complaining about the dads. Men always forget stuff, women never forget that’s why we remember and know everything lol. Especially about our kids.

  • Ameerico elk 12 months ago

    last dad.. so funny ???

  • Paul John Dayangco 12 months ago

    The best! ?

  • Obsidian Wolf 12 months ago

    Yessss finally

  • Geo Gmz 12 months ago

    I’m pretty sure that all these gentlemen are great fathers it is just that we don’t pay attention to details. For instance If it wasn’t by the smell or someone that point it out I’d probably wear the same tshirt every day.. ??‍♂️

  • Mido Sabri 12 months ago

    The last guy was ROASTED


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