Camila Morrone on World Cup Viewing Emergency, Her Sister’s Skiing Fail and Daisy Jones & The Six

Published on February 25, 2023

Camila talks about bringing her divorced parents to the show last time she was on, having to watch Argentina in the World Cup Finals from her cell phone while accidently being locked in her room, Rob Pattinson breaking her out, torturing her younger siblings by making them do all the things she wishes she had done as a kid, her sister’s skiing accident, her new miniseries Daisy Jones & The Six about a rock band in the 70s.

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  • Derek Reuter 3 months ago

    Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Kimmel Live steal labor. They haven’t paid for work received despite agreement to do so. They used the material and have ignored invoices. Guess they support slave labor over honest business.

    The only response I’ve had from these comments, is from cat-fishing scammers pretending to be reps of the show. They either don’t read the comments ever, or don’t care about fraud, labor theft, or community relations.

    Jimmy is fully aware, doesn’t not care that he is abusive, steals labor, and worst for any amount of time. Appears to be worse that those he makes fun of on TV for crimes is my take so far.

  • Aisyah Shahira 3 months ago

    Camila as Camila in the Daisy Jones & The Six!

  • New Message 3 months ago

    No way that kid isn’t dead there.

  • AGSA5 3 months ago

    No idea who she is

  • Tabaxi Khajit 3 months ago

    All these people… really? Who gives a F? Pretty? I guess…
    Tell me anything that makes you worth my time…

  • Danny Cosmos 3 months ago

    this old lady dated leo ?

  • Guzmán González 3 months ago

    do they know the 1080p? it sucks baby

  • broadcast3ful 3 months ago

    Total respect to Jimmy for saying football first and then soccer. Greeting from all other countries in the world my friend.

  • 우사민 3 months ago

    Pete Davidson hasn’t had his shot at her since the Leo breakup.

  • BJS 2022 3 months ago

    Failure. The noun.

  • Audrey McIntosh 3 months ago

    What a genuine spirit! This video was a joy and warmed my heart. She seems so fun.

  • C0ACHMAYNE 3 months ago

    thats a young liv tyler

  • Ayush Aryal 3 months ago

    People will do anything or anyone for fame.

  • CanadaClaret 3 months ago

    The six is set in Toronto, I guess? What? No? I’m confused.

  • Mike Asimakis 3 months ago

    So gorgeous and so so uninteresting & bland

  • h7opolo 3 months ago

    2:59 “by accident,” not “on accident.” i thought she said “on acid” for a second.


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