Call Now To Help An Abandoned Pennsylvanian

Published on May 22, 2019

Pennsylvanians who were abandoned by Joe Biden need your love and support. #Colbert #LSSC #ColdOpens

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  • Koram 4 months ago

    Who can I speak to about adopting a Pennsylvanian ?

  • Niladri Das 4 months ago

    It’s shocking how all of you american late night hosts are ignoring the biggest election in the planet- in India. How corruption and nepotism destroys so much it’s uncanny. People with no be background or interest in science get to be pathologists, just for business… Shame. What does money does not buy? Real knowledge.

  • SinisterHAND 4 months ago

    Look at my NEW expose vid on Trump

  • cardinia1 4 months ago

    Nah bo R.I.P pauly said it best”HOW BIZARRE U ARE HAHAHA”usa kkkan kiss his dead butt bubba

  • TheRedRaccoonDog 4 months ago

    … he moved out when he was 10. The POTUS is insane.

  • New Message 4 months ago

    He likes his States a little more Eastern European…

  • Raging Monk 4 months ago

    Funny, we use Stephen Colbert as entertainment. The right wing uses FOX for news when it is sadly, entertainment.

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : 4 months ago

    Fred Trump (Donald’s father) abandoned New York for Germany the exact moment he was born!

  • catalinacurio 4 months ago

    Got no room left to adopt a Pennsylvanian, from Alabama, got 10 unwanted babies, so am on my knees as it is. 😔👶🍼

  • VegasBabyKat 4 months ago

    I an not from Philly and don’t even like hockey but I can’t get enough of the Philadelphia Flyers mascot !!!!

  • peter lee 4 months ago

    Trump is not from Pennsylvania, he’s from NY and the people from NY detest him.

  • Ganiscol 4 months ago

    How dare little 10 year old Joe leave Pennsylvania with his parents instead of staying behind alone!?

  • Dan Young 4 months ago

    Hawaii IS a younger and more attractive state!

  • Blak 4 months ago

    … and Drumph’s decency, morality and good nature never existed. So what’s your f***in point, agent orange? -.-

  • geekishgirl 4 months ago

    LOL “scrapple-rules”! Only from PA would you get that. And no it doesn’t, just the mention of the word makes me throw up in my mouth

  • eddie panedi 4 months ago

    Running Aground,
    Into My Cursed Life;
    Wanting Forever,
    One Witchy Wife.
    A Dark World,
    A Shady,
    Princess Bride;
    Her wit,
    Her humor,
    So snarky,
    So snide.

    Breaking Balls,
    Breaking Rules,
    Amid, The Dourest,
    Of News.
    Searching For Her,
    Amongst, The Hay,
    Stacked Against,
    The Faintest,
    Of Clues.

    One Mad Mama with,
    The Meanest Of Bush.
    A Badass Woman,
    Who Cannot,
    And Will Not,
    And Should Not,
    Be Pushed.

    Taking Twin Tolls with,
    My time, and my mind.
    Invoking Her with,
    Long Tortured Rhyme.
    Love’s Spectral Spirit,
    A Wild World,
    To Commence.
    All Oddity,
    And Without,
    Taunted by Wit,
    Deprived Of,
    All Sense.

    So Sad,
    So Happy,
    Whirl of Love,
    So Sappy.
    So Goeth,
    The Want,
    Of A Man
    Gone Madly.

    Love Lies Eternal,
    Lost and Profound,
    A Delirious Attraction,
    Does Doth Confound.

    Hearing Her Words,
    Pass by, all blurred.
    Hoping, praying,
    For her, to be stirred.
    Unsettling, titillating,
    Caught, in a fright.
    Wishing, Listing,
    All Dressed,
    To Bathe,
    In The Ink,
    Of Night.

    Finding Yourself,
    Always Lost Within,
    Another’s Whirlwind.
    Hoping Beyond Hope,
    The Show Never Ends.
    Waiting For Her,
    My Bestest Of Friend,
    My Fairest Of Love,
    A Brilliant Star,
    Named Jen.

  • Jacob Zondag 4 months ago

    Well, you can’t play golf in NY. Can you?

  • Lazy Perfectionist 4 months ago

    “I guess he was _born_ here, folks, but he left you. He left you for another state.”
    Of course, Trump omits the fact that Biden was ten years old, at the time.

  • Alexander Campbell 4 months ago

    Late Show Writer / Performer AND “Woman Who Let Her Drag Qieen Friend Do Her Makeup”


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