California, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? “Better Know A Ballot” Is Here To Help!

Published on September 29, 2020

Hey California! Stephen Colbert wants to help all Californians exercise their right to vote in the 2020 election. The guidelines for registering to vote and voting by mail can be confusing so here are all the resources you need to make a plan to vote! #Colbert #Election2020 #BetterKnowABallot

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  • Dirk Dwipple 2 years ago

    Thanks for the heads up. Go Team Blue!

  • Cindy M 2 years ago

    Great series! I have sent these videos out to a few relatives. It has been really helpful!

  • Majin Vegeta 2 years ago

    if Trump win this time, be sure that America really is really racist. That’s a fact.

  • T C 2 years ago

    That poor table.

  • Thunder Chief 2 years ago

    This is an awesome public service that Stephen and TLS crew are doing. However, not to shortchange their efforts, I have to say, that our Secretary of State’s office is absolutely *killing it!!!* here are two ads that are running a lot on network television. You can see how some would say the are “inspiring evil…”

    This is the way ALL states should handle it, imho.

  • dmd0785 2 years ago

    Bad timing on the wine production line.

  • Jessica Barnes 2 years ago

    California is going to win the tickets to your show!! 😁

  • Willow Slough DX 2 years ago

    Fun fact: smokey flavored wines will be all the rage for California’s 2020 vintage.

  • Hannah R. 2 years ago

    Hear me out guys. Water is scarce, so why do we just use all this wine to put out the fires

  • Edward Blair 2 years ago

    You should put all of your “Better Know a Ballot” videos on a playlist on your YouTube channel.
    I’ve watched 2 so far and I admire how you start each one with why that particular state is the best one.

  • Dan Thompson 2 years ago

    Do you, you feel like we do.
    Katie Porter president.
    But first stop trump
    Vote Biden.

  • TheUsername217 2 years ago

    West Coast = best coast

  • Jeni Toten 2 years ago

    You say that to all the states. Oh and Napa’s on fire BTW. LOL Welcome to California, now run from the wild fire.

  • lichga100 2 years ago

    Don’t let them get away with burning your livelihood down. Trump 2020, baby

  • Jeffrey A. Smith 2 years ago

    Driving to OC registrar in Santa Ana, CA to pick my ballot, and sample ballot up. Vote at Starbucks. Return the Ballot to the Registrar’s Office before they close the same day.

  • AUGUSTUS CAESER 2 years ago

    can i fill it out with pen or pencil?

  • Comment 200 2 years ago

    Follow the directions in filling out your ballot and in mailing back or in dropping at official collection points. Be weary of people offering to mail your ballot for you. Wear your I VOTED sticker when you go shopping. No matter who wins, if you get drunk, don’t drive.

  • Scotti Pippen 2 years ago

    Why do citizens need to registrate to vote in the first place?! What is the history to that? In Germany every citizen gets a “invitation” automaticlly before an election. Then you can decide if you want to vote by mail or in person in a polling place..

  • VideZoniX ! 2 years ago

    Go Cali, Go Cali, Gooooh Cali !

  • Uriel238 2 years ago

    Our Governor sent us a letter we’ll be getting mail-in ballots October 5th.


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