Caitlyn Jenner’s Transgender Work Matters More to Her Than Olympic Gold

Published on April 26, 2017

Caitlyn Jenner talks to Seth about keeping her memoir as honest as possible and what she learned through calling up her biggest transgender community critics.

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  • Athbi Almuzaini 10 months ago

    This is disgusting

  • Axhiro Madlander 10 months ago

    does she still condemn gay marriage?

  • Matías TB Guitarra 10 months ago

    this is weird, i have nothing against her, but ok bear with me,
    1.-It’s just that they never gonna give them up, never gonna let them down, never gonna run around and dessert them.

    do you feel me brah?

  • Ángel Melendez 10 months ago

    “Buckle up’ Bucker’ooohs”

  • Connor Bradshaw 10 months ago

    *cough cough* Caitlyn is a terrible role model for the LGBTQ Community and especially Trans youth…*cough cough*

  • ablurt_55 10 months ago


  • dallashood67 10 months ago

    This comment section is going to be fun.

  • Rishibe Kohan 10 months ago

    What in abomination

  • Moe Ibrahim 10 months ago

    where’s the dislike squad at?

  • Junior m 10 months ago

    this is creepy and disgusting its like a car crash cant look away i can only imagine what seth felt wen he went for a hi5 and (he/she) went for a hand dry hump

  • Gloria Huang 10 months ago

    first time i’ve ever had to thumbs down a seth video… not even for kellyanne conway

  • Hill m 10 months ago

    Her ‘transgender work’? I’m sorry, but she has been the worst advocate for trans people I’ve ever witnessed. I don’t know ANY trans people who think she has done a thing to help their community at all. Plus, she routinely votes for the people TRYING TO INFRINGE ON TRANS RIGHTS AND PRIVACY. God, I hate this woman.

  • mech5 fab 10 months ago

    That ugly woman has Man Hands.

  • yassi anam 10 months ago

    big mistake . this video will become the most dislike on ur Chanel

  • Ray 10 months ago

    Incredible woman. Such an inspiration. I don’t understand the dislikes. There’s definitely a long way to go until one day society stops the irrational hatred towards LGBT. We’re living in sad times indeed. #Hillary2020

  • June Sholaja 10 months ago

    The fact that she is part of the LGBT community doesn’t bother me. It’s very good that she has found the courage to come out to this amazing community.However the way she went about it was horrible, I’m regarding the way she brought down her family (The Kardashians) wasn’t right at all. There was no excuse for that.

  • Veri 10 months ago

    I don’t dislike her because she’s transgender, I dislike her because she’s not a good human being.


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