By Attacking Democrats, Trump Unites Them

Published on July 16, 2019

The President’s obviously racist tweets were, well, obviously racist.

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  • ursaltydog 1 year ago

    “how our government is to be run”… umm.. that’s what congress is supposed to do… especially with a Mad Racist at the wheel..

  • Retro Gamer 1 year ago

    i just realized he sounds like eric cartmen. haha! RESPECT MY AUTHORITAI lols

  • Dandra King 1 year ago

    It’s sad that 5k of comments on blazeTV (YouTube) all agreed on what he said. 5k???
    Am I missing something here????

  • Russell Henderson 1 year ago

    …maybe they should have gone back to where they came from….

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : 1 year ago

    If only Donald Trump’s grandfather Friedrich Drumpf returned to where he came from, but he couldn’t, because:
    1) He skipped mandatory military service (phantom bonespurs runs in the family).
    2) He illegally immigrated from Germany (age 16) because he didn’t tell German authorities he was leaving.
    3) He returned to Germany because his wife was homesick, but was ordered to leave in 8 weeks or face deportation.
    4) He wrote a letter to the Prince Regent, begging to stay, but was ordered to leave by Royal Decree and never allowed to return.
    And that’s why the USA is infested with Donald Trump. The End.

  • Jacob Zondag 1 year ago

    People watch out! In the 30s the nazis conquered The Reichstag with approx 43% of the votes… and made their leader dictator for life. Of course Germany isn’t the US and history doesn’t repeat itself.

  • Jason Guyer 1 year ago

    Nice tan.

  • Musical Doctor 1 year ago

    The thing that scares me the most is that even though people see these things everyday, they’ll still vote for Trump and we’ll have him as our president for 4 more years?

  • Ursula Moon 1 year ago

    Meanwhile Melania is wishing he sent her back from which she came!

  • Ry Sun 1 year ago

    Since Stephen was away tRump almost start a war with Iran, starts racial war with congresswomen and starts war on immigrants.

  • Ant 1 year ago

    Could i tell a coworker to go back to their country?

  • India Rael 1 year ago

    Yes. Racist dickbag ruins American democracy since the birther conspiracy. Also, John’s suit is ON POINT.

  • Moon Hendrix 1 year ago

    ? ??A merica America??

  • Reptilian Overlord 1 year ago

    “Nancy, you complete me.”

  • eddsramm1 1 year ago

    Thank you for making reality humorous. Its best to laugh at this Racist clown than to end up with a heart disease. Hopefully this American cancer in the White house is cured soon. Thanks again Stephen?

  • G Sterling 1 year ago

    How do you know when you are winning an argument with a Democrat?

    Answer: They call you a racist.

  • ursaltydog 1 year ago

    Trump doesn’t like that they have a little color in their skin.. they have culture.. and that they’re women telling him what he can and cannot do… He only lets white skinned porn stars do that..

  • Gabriel Diaz 1 year ago

    Please fire the piano guy

  • Ern Acquah 1 year ago

    Good to have you back Mr. Colbert!

  • $mittyd 1 year ago

    Racist piece of shit Donald Trump will eventually go down in flames. Can’t wait for that day.

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