Bryce Dallas Howard: I’m Not Jessica Chastain! | CONAN on TBS

Published on September 22, 2021

(Original airdate: 06/11/15) Bryce loved the viral video that explains she’s not Jessica, but her dad (and Tom Hanks) kinda missed the point.

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  • 03 AI 2 years ago

    But Jessica is a hundred times a better actress…

  • Kris M 2 years ago

    Atleast Now Tom.Hunks now knows that it wasn’t you dear

  • Vince Knows Everything 2 years ago

    Jessica Chastain gets all the credit from all red haired actresses

  • Dirty Dirt McGogurt 2 years ago

    I’m sitting here thinking “How does her dad know Tom Hanks?”

    Oh yeah, her father is one of the most successful people alive.

  • Robert J. Williamson 2 years ago

    I had no idea she was Ron Howard’s daughter until this.
    By the way, they look alike as new science shows that every single redhead who ever lived is related. Research at a DNA testing company in Scotland has shown that every redhead ever born is a descendent of the first redhead to ever live. It’s a genetic mutation and then all redheads come from that person. They both come from Ireland and so they will be more closely genetically linked.

  • Disther cockdiesel Stuhrling 2 years ago

    the ginger gene clashes

  • SMH Really? 2 years ago

    Red heads are wildcats in the sack…also a little to kinky for me

  • S. R. 2 years ago

    I think Conan resembles Steve Winwood when he was younger. Anyone else see the resemblance?

  • V 4 vindication 2 years ago

    They are both hot redheads

  • sapphyrus 2 years ago

    Yeah, you’re like 100 times more beautiful than Jessica Chastain!

  • Peter Mozuraitis 2 years ago

    If this channel just kept putting out 30 years of Norm clips, I’d be fine with that

  • Joseph R 2 years ago

    Oh crap, I thought she was Jessica Chastain this whole time. Now I know.

  • Bryan 2 years ago

    Literally have never heard either of their names before.

  • TheUniverse Nside 2 years ago

    She’s way hotter

  • Jaimin Sharma 2 years ago

    Jessica Chastain & Bryce Howard… Amy Adams & Isla Fisher… Matt Damon & Mark Wahlberg… I am missing so many here

  • barbamatteo 2 years ago

    She is hot no way! She is substantially beautiful


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