Bruno Le Maire – French Identity & The Threat of Russia | The Daily Show

Published on December 17, 2021

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire raises concern over a Trump-like presidential candidate stoking division in France, discusses consequences for Russia if Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine, and addresses French identity and the country’s relationship with former African colonies. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #BrunoLeMaire




  • Félix Lessange 2 years ago

    As a french citizen : it’s very funny that Bruno Le Maire is doing this interview and passing as an great ennemy of Eric Zemmour, our Trump. It’s ironic because his government spent its entire existence stoking up far right ideas in order to be facing far right parties in the election and to be seen as the only solution against them. They’ve amped up all xenophobic rethorics and at the same time they haven’t done anything to solve the problems leading to far right extremism rise. This guy is a joke, and I begin to feel like Trevor Noah is too often duped by politicians in his interviews.

  • Herb W 2 years ago

    Great interview.

  • Jessica S 2 years ago

    Keep doing these kinds of interviews Trevor, these are the kinds of conversations we need to keep hearing!!

  • Mason Waiter 2 years ago

    People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Crypto as it’s retracing….BE WISE

  • Vivienne A. 2 years ago

    Brilliant interview as always. Trevor, without doubt you are the very best interviewer in the media.

  • Harry 2 years ago

    China does nothing and gives zero vaccine yo Africa. You call them greedy. They give vaccines and infrastructure support without demands of regime change or forced language indoctrination and you call it a new kind of colonization. .. sounds crazy. What if China cares about helping the less developer world that stood up for it at the un several decades ago during it’s founding.

  • George Rudolf 2 years ago

    How are you an African and don’t grill this neocolonial idiot about #Niger, #Benin and #Mali? Russia in not the problem imperialist #France is. #NoMore to black faces propping up Western imperialism.

  • August Oliver 2 years ago

    Thank you for bringing him on the show. Please continue to bridge the gap between Americans and the world.

  • schutzemiguel 2 years ago

    Will they use military action to stop Putin? No answer

  • Fred Gonzlaez 2 years ago

    Joe Biden is a national disgrace and an existential threat to the security of the United States!

  • Sigma Soldier 2 years ago

    When will France stop the blockades?!Let Haiti be free.

  • marcux83 2 years ago

    french speaking english.. always funny.. possy-billy-tee, big ‘urdles

  • jicky078 2 years ago

    First time I heard him being so uplifting, he’s not speaking very often, vut here is probably he’s best one

  • L T 2 years ago

    Trevor bringing in the French Finance Minister on a US talk show, and widening the conversation on misanthropy and cultural identity, is why he is the best in the game right now.


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