Bruce Springsteen On 50 Years Working With Friends: The Only Place That Happens Is Rock And Roll

Published on October 22, 2020

Bruce Springsteen returns to the show to talk about his new album “Letter To You” and reflects on the rare and special longevity of his relationship with the members of The E Street Band. #Colbert #LetterToYou #BruceSpringsteen

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  • Mario Glory 2 years ago

    bornnnn in the usaaaaa, we know that bruce stop shoutinggggg axaxaxaxxaaxaxaxxax

  • Cosmin Neagu 2 years ago

    Bruce’s microphone is a Shure SM7B. Could be the one actually used on the album, and not only on this one, because I saw him using this type of mic on High Hopes, Wrecking Ball, and others.

  • Ken Pudsey 2 years ago

    Living legend,a superb singer/songwriter💯

  • DELARYUS 2 years ago

    NICE!!!! Now listen this new song

  • Felicie Mike 2 years ago

    attack Lisa Haven ,,,, destroy her!!!!!!!

  • De Beseffer 2 years ago

    It’s my dad’s music, though it really passed to me as well. I’ve been to a Springsteen concert three times with him and nobody is ever going to take that experience from me!

  • Matthew McNeany 2 years ago

    “Nobody wins until everyone wins”

  • Lady Dragonfly 2 years ago

    What more can be said, The Boss Born in the USA.

  • zeph gregoire 2 years ago

    Two amazing, in defirent ways humans! My full respect for Bruce and Stephen!

  • Peggy Gibbons 2 years ago

    I thought this was gonna be on tomorrow night! Gaddammit!!

  • Rod Christian 2 years ago

    Thankful for that conversation . Thanks both

  • Talbot René 2 years ago

    Nice Guyatone/kent guitar on the couch

  • Aggie Y 2 years ago


  • ghg5 stereo5 2 years ago

    Bruce Springsteen big love from Casablanca Morocco we have your vinyls since those beautiful days as a huge collection of vinyls of other great artists.

  • Mika Keskinen 2 years ago

    Thank You,boss,I hope You Don’t have to move to Australia after The Election!🤗.”Make America Play again..!😉🥰😷”.

  • Josepaolo Huelgas 2 years ago

    Does someone in the background always snicker when Stephen says “New Documentary”, b/c it sounds like “nude documentary”? Happened in the other clip w/Bruce too lol. Anyone else hear it?

  • Artur Sandwich 2 years ago

    There’s a song by Bon Jovi called The Last Man Standing and from the first moment I heard that song when it came out I always thought it was about Bruce Springsteen . If Bruce doesn’t know it he should definitely listen to it; I’m sure he would like it, he might even want to include it in his own show – if and when ever he goes on the road again

  • Rebecca Black 2 years ago hank hills says listen to Alex jones


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