British Royals Can’t Stop Talking About Biden’s Alleged Gas Leak | Pfizer May Have A Covid Cure

Published on November 8, 2021

President Biden’s infrastructure bill was approved by Congress late last week, but today he’s trending for all the wrong reasons. In brighter news, Pfizer’s new pill to treat Covid-19 appears to cut hospitalization by 90%. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • TS 9 months ago

    Ah, Fart Humour. Never gets old, no matter what age you are.

  • Sue Harwood 9 months ago

    Love the Motown tunage!

  • Linda Hope 9 months ago

    Much love and prayers Brethren Amen 🙏God bless Humanity Amen 🙏

  • Roley Chiu 9 months ago

    Stephen’s hair is looking better than usual in this one.

  • 忘精小腰齊天大腎 9 months ago

    The message to all Anti-Vaxxer:
    Here is your rope, there is a tree.
    Go sort yourself out, so we don’t hear your whine.
    No one cares about your opinion, cause they are invalid.
    But if you really start to annoy us, you might want to hide.

  • Kristin Bradshaw 9 months ago

    The republicans will make anything ugly. Big bird got his measles and mumps vaccines in the 70’s. I remember that episode. Fox News is unbelievable. I mean do these people know how stupid they look?

  • ed vaughn 9 months ago

    Well played FU on cruz

  • MLIOGJXNUYAT 9 months ago

    “Ernie wakes up his husband…” Oh, you do not want to go there. The right is triggered enough already.

  • Lebo 9 months ago

    “Great tweet, no surprise! It’s what birds do!” 🐦 Gold 👌🏽😅

  • Luey G 9 months ago

    AJ HAWK!!

  • Groucho Marxist ASMR 9 months ago

    Oscar is actually a Sovereign Citizen.

  • Piccalilli Pit 9 months ago

    *$1.2 TRILLION* is $6 Trillion SHORT of what you guys need to spend to keep up with Europe and $14 Trillion short of keeping up with China.

    Your Power Grid needs $2.5 Trillion according to J.O. ITS A TOTAL JOKE of an amount of money. You will just slide further back into the 19th century.

  • Fredric Clack 9 months ago

    Reaction 2 ARogers how 👁felt4 Years!

  • Elliot 9 months ago

    This is obviously aside from the point…but you don’t nail shut a casket. Coffins have removable lids that get nailed down before being put in the ground. Caskets have hinged lids that can clasp shut.

  • Max Doubt 9 months ago

    Have we forgotten Tinkey-Winkygate?

  • Yourmother Sister 9 months ago

    The subliminal marketing you’re show does is a bit unfair to people I feel. Bit of a brain wash,no? You pointing your iPhone at the camera all the time same with your watch. Silly sausage, we know when the logo shows you get paid 😉 There are other things as well but I just want to say. I see you 👀

  • Duane Borgaes 9 months ago

    6:59 😆😂🤣 those letters are funny

  • elihan9 9 months ago

    Don’t cheer cretins. The 1.2 trillion dollar bill gives billions to fossil fuel companies and sells off public infrastructure to private companies.

    The administration is lying about the climate provisions and the extent of the bill. We need roughly 10 trillion to rebuild everything. This is worthless and only celebrated because we have been starved for so long.

  • Ana Mazing 9 months ago

    The only time I seem to hear about “cancel culture” is from the those saying it’s bad and they don’t want it, or from people like this guy trying to avoid backlash of lies and/or wrongdoing. Coincidence? 🤔

  • htarceno Thomas 9 months ago



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