Brian Flores Sues the NFL For Discriminatory Hiring Practices | The Daily Show

Published on February 3, 2022

Former Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores filed a lawsuit against the NFL for interviewing Black coaches with no intention of hiring, revealing a major flaw in the Rooney Rule. #DailyShow



  • MLG GAMER 1 year ago

    I hope he gets what he wants out of the suit because he straight-up calling out that racism in the NFL pulling no punches. I mean honesty is the best policy

  • Halid Causevic 1 year ago

    Black people ALWAYS find a reason for EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY to be racist while they are the ONLY ones truely being racists.

  • K. Archer 1 year ago

    Still find it shocking tht people find this shocking… white supremacist is right cross the board folks

  • Tim Boyer 1 year ago

    If they actually want to solve this problem they need to stop focusing on changing racial prejudice and instead focus on changing racial outcomes. The Rooney Rule is designed to not create racially equitable outcomes but to give the perception that racial prejudice doesn’t exist because how can they be racist if they interviewed a “diverse” group of coaches and simply hired the “most qualified” or the candidate who “best fit” their vision. So what to do? According to anti-racist principles the only way to ensure the correction of years of racial discrimination is for the NFL to discriminate in favor of minorities until they have reached racial equity. In essence, they should only interview qualified coached who minority candidates until the NFL more closely reflects the demographics of the country at large. If they were honest about it and committed to racial equity it would only take a few hiring cycles to solve the problem before they could open the talent pool back open to white candidates. But because this country and the NFL are not actually interested in racial equality it will never happen.

  • Sheeba Xsa 1 year ago

    Then black players should just stop playing…simple…but naah they won’t do it…dating and marrying yt women says it all ..IMO

  • Google User 1 year ago

    It’s gonna be pretty hard for any Black coach to ever get a head coaching job now. Look what happened when the Dolphins gave him the opportunity. Nobody needs those problems.

  • nar ́to Uzumaki 1 year ago

    How many Owners of NFL Teams are black?

  • DS 1 year ago

    someone do a Comparison Table for White Coaches vs Black Coaches. Talent/abilities should speak for themselves man. Its 2022, Wake the F Up!

  • iv 1 year ago

    And someone said racial discrimination is dead

  • Sky m 1 year ago

    Pretty dang upsetting.

  • trekkiexb5 1 year ago

    Perhaps the players should protest. They are the money makers and 70% of them are black.

  • James Denny 1 year ago

    They’re going to get rid of Tomlin !

  • Moe Reese 1 year ago

    The NFL has been hiring Black coaches for the specific purpose of coercing them into tanking games. It has happened three times in the past 6 years. #boycottNFL

  • yocampout 1 year ago

    Not just NFL. Not just pro sports. We can bring this issue all the way down to the college level but I understanding starting somewhere.

  • Scott 1 year ago

    Stand to American flag you’re not to bow down to it yet and why do you still be against us we’re outside playing and serving each other in accordance to what our fathers have taught us laugh more often.

  • Melieka Anaekwe 1 year ago


    TO DO!

  • Isaiah James 1 year ago

    Still hoping my team hires Flores even though he probably sacrificed his career to tell us something we already knew


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