Brian Cox’s Mom Went Door To Door Petitioning For More Screen Time For Her Son

Published on January 19, 2022

“Succession” star and author of the new memoir, “Putting the Rabbit in the Hat,” Brian Cox joins Stephen for a two-part interview that kicks off with a look back at his parents, his childhood in Scotland, and the experiences that cemented his desire to become an entertainer. #Colbert #BrianCox #PuttingTheRabbitInTheHa

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  • InVert Your Cross 2 years ago

    That’s not the Brian Cox we were asking for…

  • Arquadia 2 years ago

    annnnd WHO ARE YOU SOLIDER?!

  • John Ree 2 years ago

    I do wonder if the book is ghost written. This doesn’t mean he didn’t provide the ideas for the book, but I found many who have not been writing for years tend to be poor authors with badly written books. So unless he has been writing and publishing other books its best to get a person who has mostly a famous author or professional ghost writer to write it and just have him put his name on it. He only has to talk with the ghost writer who will take his words and write the book based on it.

  • NJCUJan 2 years ago

    I love that Brian explained improv to Stephen from Second City. Love these two, btw.

  • Average Meatsack 2 years ago

    I thought it wa going to be the renowned British astronomer also named Brian Cox.

  • Angela Doyle 2 years ago

    Dissapointed, not my Brian Cox, the famous astro physicien

  • DChemTech 2 years ago

    Dsmn, I was hoping for a talk on astrophysics.


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