Brian Cox – “Succession” and the Human Experiment | The Daily Show

Published on July 26, 2022

“Both he and I are disappointed in the human experiment.” Brian Cox talks about how he relates to his HBO “Succession” character, Logan Roy, but why he chooses to be optimistic about society’s ability to “do better.” #DailyShow #Comedy



  • Jay Gatsby 2 years ago

    What a silver fox!

  • michael hall 2 years ago

    That’s the guy from super troopers right?

  • Teal Square 2 years ago

    He’s terrifying when he wears an angry face in Succession

  • Ricardo Chucky 2 years ago

    that shade on Method acting was BADASS!

  • STILLNESS & SELF INQUIRY 2 years ago

    This Dream Illusionary World Is Coming To An END!!! You Are A Character in This Movie called “Life”. You Are Taking This Imagination Play For The Real. LIBERATION FROM ALL SLAVERY AND OPPRESSION YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN YOURSELF PLAYING THIS DREAM CHARACTER. It Is Time To Return To Being Your Real True Self Again!!!. WAKE UP SLEEPING SELVES!!
    This Movie Is Ending And You Must Return To Being Your Real True Self! All The Deities, All The Gods Enslave Your Self Soul!! Freedom From Tyrannically Rulership From All Deities. All Gods.
    Liberation From This Dream. Everything I have created I Demolish! I Return To My Ultimate True State. Liberation!

  • Buddha G 2 years ago

    already loved him as an actor, now love him as a human.

  • Sonia Mall 2 years ago

    What an icon

  • Cancun771 2 years ago

    *Just **_pretend!_*


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