Brett Kavanaugh’s 1985 Bar Brawl Brings His Honesty Under Oath Into Question | The Daily Show

Published on October 2, 2018

A bar fight in Brett Kavanaugh’s past brings his honesty under oath into question, and Michael Kosta wonders why sober Kavanaugh is being held accountable for drunk Kavanaugh’s actions.



  • didderjade 2 years ago

    With that thumbnail, I was hoping for a Drunk History-style skit with celebrities reenacting the story that a drunk Kavanaugh tells. God, that’d be amazing.

  • Victoria 2 years ago

    ok look i’m not a republican by any means but i feel like bringing things up from over 30 years ago is unnecessary. especially condering that it was only a drinking problem you know, like how do we know that he’s still like that now? he could’ve changed

  • Frisky Bottomsuuater 2 years ago

    The left needs a clown to sell them fake news!

  • Jonathan Nixon 2 years ago

    Get over it snowflakes

  • Jaiden L 2 years ago

    That could be it, but he did day he liked beer. So if he still drinks then you have figure in everything. How being a Dry Drunk this could stem into his teen years so he did drink then. What made me make this what was I careful watched. So he showed 3 symptoms Denial, Aggressive and Anger. Always facing when speaking and giving the evil looks only the Dems. I took a class and studied Behavioral Analysis class. He could be the poster child of Dry Drunk. Now they he is the Supreme Court for life. Give you a little background The Fraternity Deeks were rowdy and they got suspended 5 Years. When the 5 Years was they decided to study in one house and they a Deek party House. Then did the same and got shut down for goods. So let’s move to 2003 Bush makes him a Clerk he was suppose follow after clerk Alex Azar in 6 wweks Azar stepped down and left Yale could eve fully explain when he left. So then Kavanugh was suppose to follow after Alex Kozinski. Here is where it gets bad. There were 25 Clerkships heres the odd thing 22 we Women 3 were Men. Another is he never tried a case as a Lawyer, but Bush him in 2nd District. I would think to you be a Lawyer then earn to be a Judge. Now that we are here. Just to let you know I have sober 25 yrs. Now the good news. If they predictions are correct Dems will take the House. If it happens the Dems can Impeach. Just like a President. Abusing the power, unfit. Any Federal Court or any High Senators can be removed. So the Dem’s have been predicted to win 51 to 53 seats. Cory Booker has already working with Dem’s. I don’t vote anymore for 1 reason I thought something bad was coming. I learned my Morals and Values from the one President.That would be Reagan. No President could do what Reagan did walking into a debt of 1/2 a Trillion in debt but he fixed it. I know he was give weapons stop the Contras from Russia taken. Iran-Contra. He did come on TV and apologize. So anybody can be Impeached and Booker said don’t let Kavanaugh get his seat to warm. If I would run I completely Independent not a Liberal or Conservative like hearing from both sides. So being that kinda of Independent I could pick a Repub or Dem. You get to use. So pray the Dem’s to take the seat in the house Impeach Kavanaugh.

  • Piotr Janiec 2 years ago

    wow, people actually laugh at this? this is cringe to watch…

  • Lvcky Duck 2 years ago

    Ali Campbell was the lead singer and founder of UB40, for all you lazy folks out there ? I’m talking to you, Noah.

  • ArchoNils Privat 2 years ago

    dude, why is race always a topic?

  • TRAP BOX 2 years ago

    If he threw ice in somebody’s face, he obviously wasn’t just drinking beer.

  • Felix Lopez 2 years ago

    Fake news !

  • thomas gordin 2 years ago


  • Carlie Seibert 2 years ago

    Moron. Limon is not misnamed.

  • john jones 2 years ago

    It didn’t matter what his past history was, Trump and republicans were going to push him to the Supreme Court! It was all political to sneak the republican agenda into the courts. Checks and Balances in the government of United States of America has been compromised. They always said the USA will be destroyed from within!

  • Albert Elnen 2 years ago

    This is great for just mentioning the Hulk.

  • R Channe 2 years ago

    I am beyond happy he was confirmed. The Court needs to go back to being a constitutional one, and not a law making one. Hate him all you want, but Kavanaugh is truth and justice with him.

  • I am just a mom 2 years ago

    He has no honor or integrity either.

  • J R 2 years ago

    Someone like trump in u.s.?

  • J h 2 years ago

    I am buying a case of beer for Kavanaugh. Ice cold. Congrats on his confirmation.
    TRUMP 2020

  • Chuck Dixon 2 years ago

    Yeah, the media was happy to report the accusation that Kavanaugh threw ice on a guy in a bar in college. They were more reluctant to report the accusation that Bill Clinton told Juanita Broaddrick to put some ice on her busted lip after he raped her when he was the Attorney General of Arkansas.

  • Fred Mac 2 years ago

    We all did stupid shit when we were young some of which we can’t remember all the intricate details of each and every incident. So he threw some ice at someone over 30 years ago, heck I can’t remember every detail of my life 30 days ago. So I don’t see what all the false outrage is about. This was a disappointingly dumbass clip. Much ado about nothing.


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