Breonna Taylor: Who She Was, How She Died, Why Justice Is Overdue | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on July 30, 2020

Here’s the story of Breonna Taylor: who she was, how she was killed, and why justice for her murder is beyond overdue. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #BreonnaTaylor

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  • Jacob McCaughan 4 months ago

    this infuriates me so so much. the most unprotected, the most disrespected, the most neglected person in america — the black woman. mx

  • jennifer coble 4 months ago

    A Kentuckian we needed. Good people. We have enough bad people leave the good ones alone!

  • Dennis The Chicago Menace 4 months ago

    Breonna Taylor, Say her name!

  • Ted Jr 4 months ago

    Sad story , got a poll job

  • Z Adrienne Chadwick 4 months ago

    And they lied to her mother for hours while they let her just lie there. This system is monstrous.

  • New Libertarian 4 months ago

    incident report was left blank to deny culpability.

  • Jharna Gautam 4 months ago

    I’m sorry you had to leave us like this , Breonna . Justice will be served. You rest well. We will see you in a better place

  • Mitchel Garcia 4 months ago

    justice for vanessa guillen !!!!!

  • Margaret Acco 4 months ago

    They are so evil! I hope they get karma for generations to come!

  • Philo Grant 4 months ago

    That same thing happened to a 92 year-old woman name Kathryn Johnston in 2006 here in Atlanta. No-knock warrant searching for drugs at the wrong house. The police involved trid to get a confidential informant to say he bought drugs from that house.
    Their story fall apart when the CI refuse to go along with it and went public to the local news. True Story

  • mugm2 4 months ago

    12 people have no problem with this it seems

  • Jessica Hicks 4 months ago

    I 💖 Trevor

  • Ian McKenzie 4 months ago

    So glad you are having these discussions, Trevor. It’s long overdue that we stop acting like it’s still 1952 and all of this is ‘normal.’

  • Davon Lloyd 4 months ago

    Damn this was deep! Ty Trevor for sharing this story. We knew ONLY the bits and pieces the media shared. This opened my eyes tremendously

  • Candice Steeg 4 months ago

    Disregard on Black life , absolutely but at some point you have to ask if this was a actual hit on an EMT who may have seen a miscarriage of justice , or treated a victim and was silenced.

  • Jane E 4 months ago

    I’m being OUTRAGED 😡 that we have to go through all these and beyond just to get Justice for a clear clean case ‼️

  • chris gorsching 4 months ago

    Justice for Vanessa Gullien

  • michael riser 4 months ago

    Justice for Breonna Taylor. What a mess of a system. For the love of God, please don’t stop the protests until all has changed. Black Lives Matter.

  • Garth Gaspar 4 months ago

    Trevors best moment on the Daily Show

  • Nooby 4 months ago

    When I’m watching this he made it 2 hours in the future


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