Breaking the Cycle of Police Violence: The Daily Show

Published on July 22, 2016

After a Florida cop shoots an unarmed black man who had his hands in the air, Trevor breaks down the role of the police in American society.

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  • Dee Lish 1 year ago

    Of course it’s Florida

  • Gnostic atheist 1 year ago

    The answer is libertarianism. Let’s remove some useless laws so that law enforcement is less burdened

  • ZybeZ 1 year ago

    I’m not saying that some narcistic bastard cops need to be shot with a sniper from a safe distance (so the guy could get away with it) but they should be shot by a sniper from a safe distance.

  • Doctor RohitSharma 1 year ago

    Shameful Racist asshole pathetic backward ass lame country. Shame on America.
    Pathetic and Regressive.

  • Don Taylor 1 year ago

    Q: What’s the point of being a cop?
    A: (1) You get to carry a gun, (2) you get to tell people what to do and (3) they have to do what you tell them.
    Q: So what’s the use of having that much power if you don’t even get to have some fun with it once in awhile?
    A: No use at all. All the whining about it proves the police are under attack.

    I believe that’s NOT the attitude of most police. But when someone gets hurt or killed, even if you’re one of the good cops, the culture in most police departments is that you stand by your bros no matter what – just like with any gang. What’s really wrong is recruiting that doesn’t have any mechanism for screening that mentality OUT.

    If anyone seriously proposes this, there’s going to be pushback claiming there’s no good way to screen for that. Sure there is. Just visit civilization. See how they do it in countries where police brutality and police shootings are low, countries where the good cops are allowed to do their job.

  • Hosam Hilary 1 year ago

    White people interpret Black colour as dangerous, menace and violence. But they are turning into more than what they are accusing us of. Shame😡

  • Fedde Velema 1 year ago

    Why would you should anyone? That should be illegal. Or at least it should be a last resort.

  • Lisa Lisa 1 year ago

    The man’s hands were in the air what the f***

  • Glen Stinson 1 year ago

    what a crock of shit

  • GravitySloth 1 year ago

    If that cop goes free I will lose my fucking mind. He accidentally shot an unarmed surrendering man while trying to shoot a suicidal mentally handicapped man who also posed no threat to him? That’s at least 3 separate crimes, including attempted murder.

  • Rhinelander 1 year ago

    I feel like the whole Theresa May thing is like the Aung San Suu Kyi thing in Myanmar. We applauded when they where elected, but later things began to unravel…

  • kenneth mortensen 1 year ago

    american cops are apperently not very well trained.

  • kenneth mortensen 1 year ago

    danish cops have the complete same job and they dont just shoot people

  • swarnak Ray 1 year ago

    May be you should stop giving cops guns..

  • Josianne Ash 1 year ago

    Now the cops are walking in the homes of blacks and shooting them

  • Y L 1 year ago

    2 years ago: “How can you be less threatening and black? Soon they will shoot you in the grave while decomposing.” … No but they will break into your home and shoot you there.
    What the eff is happening over there? This is just getting ridiculous. Get your shit together USA and stop killing people. It’s simple- stand in front of a person, AND DONT KILL THEM.
    K, bye.

  • Sarita Lamps 1 year ago

    ah yes, Miami. It would be Florida

  • Spots Zuniga 1 year ago


  • Aarontheskater 1 year ago

    This is why they kneel

  • beatz boom 1 year ago

    Its America you’re talking about. What do you expect it is America dude!


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