Break The Show, Remake The Show – How Trevor Noah’s “Daily Show” Changed During Covid

Published on October 30, 2021

Our good friend Trevor Noah stops by to celebrate his new-look “The Daily Show” set, and compare notes with Stephen about the drastic changes they had to make during the pandemic lockdown. #Colbert #TheDailyShow #TrevorNoah

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  • BenJammin2305 2 years ago

    Sadly, I think that Trevor Noah has not held up to the standard that Jon Stewart had set. Given that Jon had actively departed during the rise of Trump and Noah took over, still the comedic parody of new reporting has shifted towards a more direct point of view than previously. I think the audience is there, I don’t think it is being reached quite as optimally as before.

  • Tony Carlsson 2 years ago

    Both of your shows were better without audiences, I liked the Covid compromise better the current formats.

  • Laurel Viguera 2 years ago

    Like everything in life we must learn to adapt to new situations.

  • vandermar1979 2 years ago

    Two of the best having a great conversation

  • papankunci 2 years ago

    Nice Gold Patek Phillipe Trevor… =)

  • Johnathan Brown 2 years ago

    I love upper middle class feel good diversions from the glaring problems facing our democracy. THANKS GUYS FOR THE LAUDANUM!

  • Alessio Andreoli 2 years ago

    Trevor Noah is a fantastic comedian but no audience is not the way to go. That sharing experience means a lot even to YouTubers

  • chipsalom 2 years ago

    Man, trying to find some kinda balance during Covid has been a process. Periods of isolation, awkwardness for me getting back into a less isolated social groove again… I’ve always been pretty socially awkward, lol. Man did it get really awkward!

  • Noelia Jaime 2 years ago

    Stephen,i loved your show from home. I watched ot all the time. And i love Evie,she’s excellent.

  • Brian Lemanski 2 years ago

    Hey Trevor. Get a haircut you hippie!!

  • Viro ViranVictus 2 years ago

    How did the daily show change during Covid? Trevor stopped hiding that he is a racist bigot.

  • nlocniL 2 years ago

    Daily Show without the audience is just not the same because the material has to take on a different style all together. I’ll still watch the show but it’s definitely not what it was

  • Karin Skovlund 2 years ago

    I like the more relaxed show that Trevor Noah has now.. And the no suit appearance suits him much better. Why do Americans always have to wear suits on shows? And in public? Stephen Colbert was also much more attractive in casual clothes and hair.

  • paul 2 years ago

    Who else saw the camouflage??

  • Doll Whitman 2 years ago

    I love both of these guys! So good to see them together, lol!

  • Baron Warborn 2 years ago

    Again pants restrict freedom of f expression (to Trevor from a commonwealth country pants means underwear)

  • ze 2 years ago

    Why doesn’t he just admit The Man cut his budget?


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