Brands Are Capitalizing On Trump’s Potential Impeachment – CONAN on TBS

Published on December 26, 2019

This brand is hoping justice will be served with milk.

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  • Denis Lara 1 year ago

    They should’ve used the video of trump mocking that handicapped reporter

  • Cloxxki 1 year ago

    Define “possible”.

  • Cloxxki 1 year ago

    Why didn’t y’all elect the ;ar criminal lady with the satanic pedo rink?

  • Kohlenstoffisotop12 1 year ago

    Me too! But then it’s not me that wants th Oreo, it’s my tricked sense of taste and sole thirst for incredients or fake incredients, tricking my system even more. : >

  • Bryan Smith 1 year ago

    Trump not impeached. Trump 2020

  • francis tripoli 1 year ago

    I was eating chocolate oreos earlier

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 1 year ago




    h o t e LA

    h o c h u 

    t  U r  k  m e n 

     t o u r K M e n

    t o r k M e N

    M o r Da

    Mo st DA

    g e n e r a l 

    DJ e n e rAL

    Ak  i t  o ff

    i z  b u sh  k e y 

    s h i f f t a k s  ea st?

    any businesses in ChainA

    Gu A N A B a y 

     c o c y ?

    k o c y ?

    c y ?

    b o r  t o w

    b o r r o w

    ne c h a y a NNo 

    ca r NAL s y n 

     r o b ?

    c a n y o n 

    l a u r e l

    2 rest on

    2 r e s t r A u n t

    when there is good reason to get rid of president how to do it.. it needs to be reelection dn present tom can be reelected anyways who says impeached president can’t go and have colletpeopel vote for next term

    d e w i t t
    w e d o nt deal with hu m an r a night here

  • Kishan Raj 1 year ago

    Definitely not 45th hehehe..

  • Diego leon 1 year ago


  • BeTheMonsterOrBeDevoured 1 year ago

    Trump 2020!!! ??????

  • Cliftonite 187 1 year ago

    stop siding with these crooked liars. it’s disgusting how biased the Media and Hollywood is.

    I’m voting for trump , because you gave me no choice with this behavior. I’m not going to allow these people to brainwash me

  • Wutzit Tooya 1 year ago

    Make a video dissing the orange one and trumpaboos will come screeching ‘maga’ without fail.

  • Gurkirat Singh 1 year ago


  • Cihangir Çağatay 1 year ago

    I like oreo too man

  • B1ackjack 1 year ago

    Still your president tho ?????

  • gamingradeon 1 year ago

    what is this? a kindergardener can come up with better sketch. The quality is going down of team coco. The team is probably too lazy, drunk and conan doesn’t fire people even though they are incompetent

  • Xastur Speaks 1 year ago

    That was not remotely funny. Which writer actually thought that up. Don’t fire them. They are invaluable to your competition who will realize with horrible writers like that they will have little trouble getting better ratings than Team Coco. In fact, that writer will receive a bonus by the competing Network’s show. What’s this a check for me says the writer. Yes, for doing such a crappy job writing for your boss Team Coco.

  • Lilia Sahanova 1 year ago

    Just watch us re-elect him again.

  • Chaz L 1 year ago



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