Bradley Whitford: “This is an Astonishing Election”

Published on September 9, 2016

At the risk of appearing partisan, the star of the new film ‘Other People’ shares his thoughts on the presidential race.

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  • Elegant Centrist 4 years ago

    How Donald answers every question about policy issues:

    “It’s a big problem, we are having many problems here. This has been
    horrible, it’s all Hillary Clinton’s fault. I’m hearing people talk about
    this problem, they say I’m great. I’ll fix it and I’ll fix it fast.”

    (Follow-up question)

    “Well we will offer lots of policies, because all other policies are bad,
    Hillary Clinton did everything bad. People are angry. People want
    tremendous policy. We need someone else. We will make America great again
    with amazing policy.”

    (Another question)

    (Donald repeats himself again and again with the most stupid talking points
    and vague answers)

  • DCM4585 4 years ago

    aaand he’ll come out of career retirement w/ the long-awaited Billy Madison
    2: Return of Eric

  • rukshana akhtar 4 years ago

    Loved him in west wing. Looks completely different here bt once he started
    to speak i fell in love again. #joshualyman

  • Cathy Schneider 4 years ago

    I admire Bradley Whitford as an actor, but I love him as an intelligent
    political observer.


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