Brad Meltzer on His Daughter Not Caring to Meet Seth and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Calling Him

Published on January 24, 2024

Brad Meltzer talks about Seth surprising his daughter at his family home after she didn’t want to go to his show, inviting Ruth Bader Ginsburg to his book release party and his comic project Ghost Machine.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • @Agatha-be5ri 4 months ago

    A perfect equilibrium between entertainment and education.✨

  • @hamentaschen 4 months ago


  • @lillyfitzgerald4047 4 months ago

    I love RBG. I will find that book.

  • @veemacks7255 4 months ago

    “it [1997] was the early days of cellphones”. In what country was 1997 early days of cellphones?

  • @bubblesezblonde 4 months ago

    thanks Seth great interview

  • @swansox 4 months ago

    I was disappointed RBG didn’t say “it’s okay” when she called to stay she wasn’t going to the party but it was Brad who ended up saying it. I think we know where his daughter learned it. 😁

  • @hobobeard 4 months ago

    Saw the thumbnail and thought; “When did Big Dave go bald? Guess he’s gonna rate some wrestling matches on primetime tv”.
    I should have payed more attention.

  • @amylou22snowhite 4 months ago

    I collect these! I have a library of his books to read with my niblings!
    I started using them during Covid when I was homeschooling. They are so good. Factual, engaging, and perfectly age appropriate.
    Thank you, Brad, for your work. It helped my family during a hard time. Our favorite was Henson.

  • @thunderousapplause 4 months ago

    Ive read many of Meltzer’s crime books. But I do NOT like his bratty daughter, omg. The Spoilt.


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