Boycotting Bud Light? Reach For Shaft Beer

Published on April 11, 2023

Pop one open and put it in your mouth.

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  • Adam West-ish 11 months ago

    I think they were exaggerating the length of Kid Rock’s pen1s.

  • Ember Pine 11 months ago

    Tug it!!!

  • radd696 11 months ago

    Oh Stephen, if only you and your team were creative enough to poke fun at these ass hats without making it into the so-easy-to-go-to gay joke. Since you’ve obviously run out of ideas, and, since you don’t mind throwing your friends under the bus for a quick and easy giggle, I guess it’s time for you and your tired ass to retire back to lake town. Unf*cking believeable!

  • SuperLeica1 11 months ago

    Reminds me of the British opinion on beers like Bud Lite. “It’s like making love in a canoe”! -“What”? “Yeah, f*ckin’ close to water”!

  • Kevin Windsor 11 months ago

    I prefer Schmitt’s Gay Beer.

  • University Club 11 months ago

    Kid Rock is hard

  • LeesaDeAndrea 11 months ago

    Kid Rock living up to his name. What a whiny baby.

  • VMan29397 11 months ago

    How much do you wanna bet that when Bud Light comes out when it’s NFL commercial in the fall All these shmucks will come back crawling

  • Brian Lockett 11 months ago

    White conservative people continue to prove that they’re the world’s biggest dorks, whenever they misuse “woke,” just to throw a hissy-fit at everything they don’t like. But, sadly, they’re too numerous and stupid to feel embarrassed about it.

  • Gluteus Maximus 11 months ago

    We might see T….Beer soon. After T….Vodka and T….steaks.

  • INFINITE UNIVERSE 11 months ago

    Bud Light clearly underestimated the number of Homophobic Bigots in this country.

  • Audrey Muzingo 11 months ago

    I couldn’t even see anything to admire about Kid Rock in the 90’s. Embarrassingly bad music, horrible style, cringey personality, like seriously HOW did he get fans? When he went far-Right it was about as surprising as George Michael being gay. And look how frikkin awful he looks now. Like how do you get fat and bony at the same time? Beer AND meth?

  • mayo 412 11 months ago

    This show is gay

  • Pol Detson 11 months ago

    Shaft is entirely imaginary, and it’s still closer to beer than Bud Light is. Talkin’ ’bout Shaft. I mean, if you were drinking Bud Light before they picked a trans person to endorse it, you need to be considering the life choices that have led you to voluntarily drink piss and stop worrying about how undrinkable swill is marketed.

  • joliecide 11 months ago

    Funny. That’s not gonna save Bud Light though. And whoever cooked up that marketing plan is probably getting the shaft.


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