Boycott Season Hits Nike, The New Yorker and Ryan Gosling | The Daily Show

Published on September 4, 2018

Boycotters are out in full force in response to Nike featuring Colin Kaepernick in an ad campaign, The New Yorker scheduling Steve Bannon as one of its festival headliners, and a new Ryan Gosling movie they say neglects the American flag.



  • James Dean 2 years ago

    Nike makes a boot that the military is ok with it being part of their uniform. Most military wear nike boots!!! Thank you kap and thank you nike finally a big name company standing up for what’s right. Not letting rich whitey push them around!!!!

  • Ricky 2 years ago

    What conservatives hate about blacks is 90% of them are liberals? WTF?

  • MentalBreak Gaming 2 years ago

    hmm… I wonder how many bought shoes just to make a video burning them

  • Bellebrla 2 years ago

    Here’s the thing, if conservatives are so outraged calling the movie anti-American, but doesn’t occur to them to point out that Ryan Gosling, a Canadian, is playing Neil Armstrong, an American.

  • Karen Nobles 2 years ago

    While stop shopping at Wal mart because the owner killed someone driving while intoxicated! Check it out on youtube 10 richest women in america!

  • Greta M. 2 years ago

    Wait, so all of those racist people were previously okay with buying shoes advertised by (and some named after) black athletes, and now they suddenly realized that it shouldn’t be done?

  • The Curse 2 years ago


  • Olivia Moore 2 years ago

    Lolol I love how conservative sjw’s throw a hissy fit when things doesn’t go their way and they blame the leftist or sjw agenda when they are the same as sjw’s just conservative. Smh. ?

  • Jason Waltman 2 years ago

    I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone, left or right, that doesn’t support our troops. What isn’t supported is using them the way a mob boss would use a gang of thugs. Our service people deserve respect such that their lives are not being put at risk just to pad the pockets of the good ole boys that seem to be calling the shots.

  • Shuizid 2 years ago

    Ah those rightwing snowflakes getting triggered is amazing. Nike dares to show someone they don’t like? BURN ALL THEIR STUFF!!!111

  • Kamadev888 2 years ago

    Why do we have to boycott Nike? Why can’t we girlcott it?
    This is so sexist!

  • MAY7317 2 years ago

    Americans never reached the moon the clips were shown to be fake ..for all i care nobody has reached it yet.. that’s what I believe

  • Jeffrey Bull 2 years ago

    Great,Trevor. Genius!

  • bigbaddawg101 2 years ago

    A special ed Trump supporter burned his Nike shoes while he was still wearing them and had to go to the ER.

  • Mohammed Nadeem 2 years ago


  • CLASH MASTER x3 2 years ago

    No matter what you should not burn ur nukes, that does nothing it’s just stupid? Nike a idiot they honor a idiotic anti american who hates police, boycott nike but don’t burn ur clothes

  • E Taylor 2 years ago

    They didn’t go to the ? they need to stop lying

  • docstef MD 2 years ago

    congratulations to NIKE for the courage to do this spot … even if a few rednecks are burning their trainers, the rest of the free world will boost your sales!!!!


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