Border Walls: The Medieval Solution

Published on January 11, 2019

A medieval architect (Adam Pally) gets stuffed after his stone border wall doesn’t please the king.

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  • Joshua Beachy 5 months ago

    If only Constantinople had a wall, the Ottomans would’ve never conquered it.

  • craig evans 5 months ago

    What’s the democrats alternative? ID , telecommunications , I.T personal data records , tapping and hacking , hidden drones and censors , random road blocks searches and checks … give me a good old fashioned barrier any day !

  • J N 5 months ago

    That builder with the brown hood is hot as hell x

  • Dave S 5 months ago

    since Jan 3, the Grownups have been able to access the Daycare Center of the White House, but only to find that the Toddler-in-Chief has locked himself in the toilet and refuses to get out until they let him build a useless wall out of lego. THE WORLD IS WATCHING AND SCRATCHING OUR HEADS AMERICA.

  • Linux Tuxfriend 5 months ago

    Let’s build a time machine and transport Orange Ooompa-Loompa back to where he belongs. 😉

  • Jamie Turnbull 5 months ago

    That’s Edinburgh castle i can see it from my window lol and Scotland did get a wall built and we made the Romans pay for it lol

  • A Cool Million 5 months ago

    Well done, again, Colbert team! 🙂 Still, I sigh. Anyone else noticed the increasing calls for deaths on youtube this week? I’m assuming it’s Russian propagandists stoking and promoting violent solutions (as opposed to nonviolent, democratic methods we value as self-governing, freedom-loving citizens of America).

    I feel like the way for us to prevail over this attack from within and from afar is for “we who knew better” to treat those who “fell prey to the con” as if they are a sibling who lost their capacity for perception, reason and caring. We aren’t going to expel them or kill them so there they are… right here, in our future. So, now what?

    They are out of their minds and were already so degraded in their humanity that they followed a crowd who is determined to “be the village” FOR the rapists/pedophiles/incest perps/child peepers/batterers/racists/cons. Are we really waiting for them to see the light and save themselves?

    I seriously think I’d be insane myself if not for the consistent efforts of America’s satirists. I’m so grateful for the truth-tellers like Colbert and late-night comedians, including SNL. The collective laughter is keeping us strong.

  • Satrio Heru 5 months ago

    Trump is a Radical Muslim

    1.didn’t drink but do violence stuff
    2. Medieval/draconian solution
    3 hate western books …or books on general

  • Andrew Wood 5 months ago

    Nice to see Edinburgh Castle on Colbert 😊

  • AfroSpring Development 5 months ago

    Oh Stephen Colbert, thank you for always giving us a great laugh

  • Daniel Danielsen 5 months ago

    Now just lazy comedy.. You are just repeating everything Trump says and does….well I guess that is funny ..or sad

  • azdgariarada 5 months ago

    That emperor had far too many clothes on.

  • Flaky Biscuits 5 months ago

    Thumbs up if watching this on the toilet!

  • Nithin Chandran 5 months ago

    I am not sure if people heard of a newer technology called the ladder. They say it ‘Trumps’ the wall.

  • B. K. 5 months ago

    That “bye bye” 😂

  • Tom Brown 5 months ago

    The Hadrian Wall failed. The Great Wall of China failed. And just recently it was discovered that Trump’s Wall could be sawed through. This will also pass.

  • Araluen Ekala 5 months ago

    Anyone else recognise the music from Sims Medieval? XD

  • Shady Bear 5 months ago

    I can’t believe Colbert said that DoTard has never & doesn’t own a computer…. i’m like what ….WHAT??? Never?
    No wonder he’s an idiot!!! 🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Dave Smith 5 months ago

    Walls were an effective military defence during the middle ages and prior. Most cities were surrounded by one. They became obsolete with the invention of gunpowder. Someone please tell Trump that cities are no longer surrounded by walls.

  • Lostin Thegarden 5 months ago

    god this is just so sad…

    the state of late night talk shows I mean.


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