Bolton Lost Trump’s Support After Angering Kim Jong Un

Published on September 11, 2019

The President revealed today that he fired National Security Advisor John Bolton not because of the recent Taliban situation, but because Bolton had angered the North Korean leader by suggesting the U.S. attempt the “Libyan model” to deal with Little Rocket Man. #LSSC #Monologue #Colbert

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  • H. Ali 1 year ago

    Donald Trump is many thing but thank God that he is not a killer. Give credit where one is due.

  • Kerem Cantekin 1 year ago

    I think son of the first lady had a father called Donald.

  • sevenirises 1 year ago

    Always such comedy gold….I thank you.

  • kalbs89 1 year ago

    Maybe call me old fashion but I prefer my smoke out of a bong

  • Steve - Veteran 1 year ago

    Trump did something “not bad”.
    Really? Ya’ just can’t get yourself to say Trump did something “good”?

  • Lorraine Bell 1 year ago

    Why does Melania look so angry all the time

  • Canna Myth 1 year ago

    “She’s got a son together”
    What a perplexingly narcissist person he is

  • Todd Romain 1 year ago

    I can’t have an e-cigarette that omits a vapor cloud that’s not dangerous to anyone but I can have an AR-15 with a 250 round drum magazine that can spray 300+ 55 grain projectiles a minute at supersonic speeds…Hmmmm

    Thanks tRump

  • Hvalpikk 1 year ago

    Bubbye John the janitor Bolton

  • DPowered Smith 1 year ago

    why ban vaping? criminals are still going to vape the law won’t stop them and people will find ways to vape not to mention you can’t stop crazy people from going to crowded places like schools and vaping so why ban them when everyone needs a vape the more people allowed to vape the safer it will be for everyone.

  • Quid Pro Quo 1 year ago

    Vaping mitigates the risks of smoking by 95%+. Countries that values facts over emotional rhetoric and hyperbole actually prescribe vaping to their patients that smoke in an effort to get them to quit smoking. But, evidenced based decision making isn’t America’s strong suit.

  • kimberly s 1 year ago

    0:36 thanks for that. They were so cute I forgot our president is a garbage person.

  • Everyday Gamer 1 year ago

    I wanted/thought Stephen and John would recreate the video of the two boys running and hugging

  • hey funny 1 year ago

    Apparently he doesn’t remember his wife’s name, or her son’s name. Freudian slip, much???

  • Dean DuPont 1 year ago

    SNL’s writers nailed it when they pointed out: Donald Trump sits in every chair like it’s a toilet. Seriously, look at the posture, it’s that of a man taking a really painful dump.

    Only in his case, it’s coming out of his mouth.

  • gw wile 1 year ago

    *Just another day at the Trump’s White House Toy Store… Emoluments ЯUS*

  • aohige 1 year ago

    This whole vaping panic is dumb.
    Of course it’s not healthy for you, it’s STILL smoking. Deaths are expected. But it’s still 1/1000th of death rate compared to cigarettes. It’s just a less lethal form of smoking.

  • rocky 1 year ago

    This manchild is a complete idiot. Impeach and or blue tsunami his ass in 2020. We cannot afford another term with this corrupt imbecile.

  • AlexYounger 1 year ago

    Just glad Trump helped out down at ground zero… spent a lot of time down there… He’s a helper.

  • hummingbird hobo 1 year ago

    Those babies at the beginning. THANK YOU.


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