Bob Woodward Says Trump Was Confident He Would Not Catch COVID-19

Published on October 7, 2020

Bob Woodward talks about Donald Trump’s reactions to his book, “Rage,” discusses his interviews with the president about COVID-19 and reveals an important piece of advice he received from The Washington Post’s late owner, Katherine Graham.

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  • TomBrady#12 1 year ago


  • Mad About Harry 1 year ago

    Trump read a book? Right.

  • Trippy McHippy 1 year ago

    Coronavirus for President!

  • Jonas Zk 1 year ago

    Bob Woodward should write a book on questioning, interrogation, and intel gathering. Rage is phenomenal

  • Suemack24 1 year ago

    Mr Flip Flop’s time in the House is almost up and then we might all be able to breath again.

  • neal miller 1 year ago

    never will be a cure for “stupid” :>)

  • Hope for peace 1 year ago

    Woodward was confident of getting an woody too, just sayin’.

  • John Kallsen 1 year ago

    Words! You are going against Donald with woords? His words?

  • The Weekly News Explosion 1 year ago

    Seth’s show is so good, he is one of the best comedians, if not the best, he inspired me to start my own show… and im a kid! VOTE VOTE VOTE! When people vote, Democrats win!

  • cosmlayla 1 year ago

    His taxes

  • Angie Gee 1 year ago

    Hahahaha “you get any money for that?” – Thank you, Timothy.

  • Gary Laneve 1 year ago

    I just wish Trump would have caught a lot sooner like back in February

  • Ryan Ortega 1 year ago

    It’d be funny if they really did make him take it down, and he had to go through the process if actually wanted to post again!

  • Samia D. 1 year ago

    If ever there was a moment that the wizarding world decided not to introduce their Minister for Magic to the President of Muggles, this would be it: a dumpster led to believe that it was a fireworks display, and left out in the cold autumnal air, to spread its toxic fumes all around, as the rest of the world tried desperately to mask up before the stench reached their nostrils.

    Only in this case, the rest of us captive lab rats are being exposed to something that is possibly even more dangerous than toxic fumes emanating from refuse: actively shed viral particles from a President who cannot, for the literal life of him, wear a mask when it could be a potentially heroic act.
    As he preened about in his hermetically-sealed cesspool of fatal imbecility, while holding two secret servicemen hostage, one could not help but wonder: has all accountability evaporated at once from the air? Like the miracle of the Disappearing Virus, the MAGA enthusiasts seem to have thrown reason and rhyme under the bus – the very same bus under which Trump threw military personnel for ‘hugging and kissing’ his Communications Director, Hope Hicks.

    One wishes the President good health and good fortune – something he clearly seems to have an abundance of. One also wishes that one could wish him good sense moving forward – but even the Gods do not grant impossible wishes. We live to bear our cross another day.

  • Nicklaus Herter 1 year ago

    Trumpty Dumpty is the worst President in history!

  • Nicklaus Herter 1 year ago

    Trump read a book…right!?

  • New Message 1 year ago

    If Facebook is taking it down, then ‘untrue’ must be beyond understatement.

  • Lasselucidora 1 year ago

    Does Bob Woodward know that USA has lost its position?
    And that Biden will not put you back to how it was before Trump.
    Democratic countries is nervous. Russia supports the fascist that with free word and internet, use lies. Just like your leader.
    So they have meetings. Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, Corea, and more.
    USA is out. Not part of it.


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