Bob Woodward: Fear | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on November 9, 2018

Journalistic icon Bob Woodward joins Bill to discuss President Trump’s masterful use of fear tactics.

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  • Jazzordan 2 years ago

    I never want to hear an American ask a German how Hitler happened.

  • Albert Albert 2 years ago

    Russia in making. And you welcome.

  • apirate namedjohn 2 years ago

    The slow coup has been happening since the beginning. Just now he feels secure enough to be blunt and open about it.

  • STDrepository 2 years ago

    Listen to Woodward talking about NATO and the military bases. both the left and right have establishment hacks like him who are constantly trying to drive us into wars. We need to invade Iraq, we need to invade Libya, we need to invade Syria, we need to invade Iran.. NO WOODWARD, we have had enough wars in the middle east,

  • summerholliday44 2 years ago

    Trump and stated that yeah hey I like War Google it

  • lulululululu 2 years ago

    GOP are not afraid of trump. trump is the perfect puppet for them… shower him in praise.. lmao.. hes an old bitch… wtf???

  • summerholliday44 2 years ago

    Trump has stated that Republicans are stupid and the believe anything I say Google it it’s true

  • Gloria C 2 years ago

    Trump is like the Anti-Christ!

  • Pierre DuBois 2 years ago

    In 2020 the only thing Trump will be running for is Inmate of the Month.

  • Danny Shook 2 years ago

    Can we start making a solid gold crowbar (the biggest & best) to remove this assh0le from the White House in 2020 when he loses?

  • Maximilien Robespierre 2 years ago

    Trump can’t leave because he knows a jail cell is waiting for him. He will attempt to make a deal with democrats to keep him out of prison but it won’t work. He will attempt to stay in the White House as it keeps him safe. He isn’t cornered yet but will be soon.

  • FirstName SirName 2 years ago

    Economy is up, Unemployment is down, Nationalism works

    Globalism Sucks

    Trump will probably win again

  • john conn 2 years ago

    Bill needs to get rid of that infuriating audience for interviews. So fucking tacky and outdated.

  • Jonathon Freeman 2 years ago

    Tricky Dick Nixon during the Watergate Scandal, “Never forget, the Press is the enemy. The Press is the enemy. The Press is the enemy. You must keep up the attack on the Media.” Dirty Don Trump uses that same anti-First Amendment diatribe by constantly referring to the American Free Press as, “The enemy of people”. That suppressive tactic was used by the communist dictator Stalin, who punished so called enemies of the people harshly. Nixon was the enemy of the people in the 70’s, just as Trump is the enemy of the American people in the 21st Century.

  • Breanna Harthan- 2 years ago

    I love you!

  • Josh Brey 2 years ago

    I hope TRUMP becomes President for life ??????

  • red Buoy 2 years ago

    You’re overanalyzing this.
    Everything Donald Trump does is designed to stop him from being jailed, not
    only for collusion, but for breaking US sanction laws by facilitating blackmoney
    transfers out of Russia.

  • joey ramirez 2 years ago

    Woodstein is the best. ; )

  • Rush P. 2 years ago

    I’m not going to pretend that I’m hopeful. The days are dark.

    Trump has an angry political base, that cheers him on when he says and does the most shameful, horrific things. They’re a mob at a gladiator tournament, and he’s a fat Nero joking thumbs up or down, but all they want is blood.

    They worship him, and, the religious leaders absolve his sexual indiscretions and criminal activity. If the worst scandal broke, they’d still be singing his praises, even decrying footage as fake news. They believe he’s sent from God, all those huckster televangelists making money in the temple… but if they only used their eyes, they’d see the spirit of antichrist incarnate in him, and in everything about him. He’s the antithesis of Jesus, in word and deed. You couldn’t even shame them into changing their minds, they know no shame. Their hearts are won over.

  • KidHudsonGinobli 2 years ago

    Remember when Woodward’s book was supposed to be the thing that sank the Trump administration? You idiot liberals will pay anyone who gives you a little Hate Trump Catnip. You don’t even care if it’s complete bull shit.


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