Bloomberg Suspends Campaign After Biden Wins Big On Super Tuesday

Published on March 4, 2020

Former VP Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is “very much alive” after winning ten states on Super Tuesday, while the evening’s results spelled the end for Michael Bloomberg’s campaign.

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  • Ramon Solorio 2 years ago

    If Biden wins, Trump is pretty much a shoe-in.

  • Andrew Burton 2 years ago

    Sometimes I wonder how Obama is reacting to all this.

  • Slutty McTits 2 years ago

    Everyone is talking about the moderate Democratic candidates dropping out to lend support to Biden’s campaign, but — and I’m just shooting the shit here — if Warren (who I like very much) was to eventually give her support to Bernie, well… that would, at a minimum, even out the playing field. Just sayin’… Biden’s not automatically soaring right now.

  • murrrmur 2 years ago

    Stephen is a corporate shill. I stopped watching after the 2017. His content became repetitive and lacks any substance. He’s also an asshole to the wrong people.

  • Iron Fan 2 years ago

    Those are really some cool f*ckin shades though…

  • TheSardonicMan 2 years ago

    I think it’s clear that moderates don’t want Bernard to represent the party

  • ubernaffa 2 years ago

    Man, this show sucks. If Stephen wants to be a pundit, he should have the decency not to suck at it, this is so lame.

  • Meg Smallman 2 years ago

    Biden = Trump second term!

  • Ro G 2 years ago

    If that were t’rump and Melania, he would have used her like a human shield.
    But man, Dr Jill, she don’t mess around. 💪

  • PsyintZ 2 years ago

    Has the world already forgotten about Biden going on national television and talking about how he enjoys having little children play with his leg hair? Apparently, that’s acceptable behavior from a Presidential candidate? For some reason, this country seems to prefer having a bunch of creepy perverted nutjobs calling the shots. And it’s pretty f%cking pathetic if you ask me.

  • Nessed Up 2 years ago

    Stephen Colbert is one of the smartest people on television. Always thought so and he is still proving it today with his wit and comedy, he knows exactly what he is doing. He protests with his comedy while being a diplomat.

  • Azathoth Alot 2 years ago

    Bernie should have told them to Pokemon Go to the absentee ballot application forms!

  • KNUCKLEHEAD STREET 2 years ago

    That’s how you know it’s was rigged how he win in states he didn’t have a office in

  • ThE DuCk 2 years ago

    When Biden puts on his shades he makes me think of
    I study nuclear science
    I love my classes
    I got a crazy teacher, he wears dark glasses
    Things are going great, and they’re only getting better
    I’m doing all right, getting good grades
    The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades
    – Timbuk 3

  • 3of7tricom34 2 years ago

    Awesome states graphic my dude, didn’t realize Arkansas and Arizona had switched places.

  • Roc Swift 2 years ago

    It really pains me. The general stupidity and cowardice of people. Voting for Bernie will not mean we will turn into Communist China or Socialist Venezuela. It’s for Healthcare, Education, Environmental Conservation, and fairer taxes for low and middle income.

  • shimmy 1973 Schermerhorn 2 years ago

    Give ’em hell Stephan.

  • Sebastian Elytron 2 years ago

    Hillary Clinton was, is and always will be a better candidate than Joe Biden. There I said it.

  • sailor moon 2 years ago

    Damn young people. I’m a millennial and talked a lot about politics with my peers. Everyone was motivated but “too busy” to vote in the most important elections of our lives. That’s not an excuse to not even ask for an absentee ballot.

  • Ted Zeiller 2 years ago

    Stephen you made a gaff right after commenting on Bidens gaff so we all make mistakes lol public speaking is really hard!


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