Bloomberg Battles Trump and His Stop-and-Frisk Past | The Daily Show

Published on February 13, 2020

Mike Bloomberg goes tweet-to-tweet with Trump trading childish insults, and faces backlash after 2015 audio of him making racist remarks surfaces online. #TheDailyShow



  • Lisa Carr 8 months ago

    Nobody cares about the imbecile on tape degrading women.
    That wasn’t me.

  • Anthony LaRocco 8 months ago

    Bluebird why don’t BLOOMBERG just say I can BUY AND SELL TRUMP 30 times if I wanted to but he simply too OBESE!!!!! THE SHIPPING CHARGES ARE THROUGH THE OOMPAH LOOMPA ROOF!! ???????

  • Larrygilbertreyes Reyes 8 months ago

    Don’t need these old established ppl , we need buttigeg, can’t spell but he makes sense

  • J C 8 months ago

    Why are people clapping for BLOOMBERG?!??!? BOOOO fuckin go away and take Dump with you!

  • steve campbell 8 months ago

    Anyone with a lick of sense knows this is racist and unconstitutional. End of discussion.

  • Luca A. 8 months ago

    Bloomberg’s roast was epic.????

  • Arief Rakhman 8 months ago

    Bloomberg is getting his karma, ?

  • Alexis Rivera 8 months ago

    While most of us can agree that Trump needs to go away ASAP, it’s no good that we have such bad candidates making the few good ones waste so much money and resources beating them back, By the time they finally have a nominee they will all have exhausted the resources and money needed to beat Trump’s fake news propaganda machine spearheaded by Fox, Hannity and the rest of the goons, enemy foreign power funded online misinformation campaigns and hacking attacks on our aging and very hack vulnerable electronic voting systems.

  • Joana El-Jaick Andrade 8 months ago

    Bloomberg and Buttiegieg are the Wallstreet Boys.

  • Short Humor Clips 8 months ago

    He is no different than Trump. the only difference is that Trump is more of the obnoxious asshole that you can openly see. guys like Bloomberg with a smile on his face he will screw you over with the same policies.

  • Josh Gibbs 8 months ago

    Evidence to suggest Abe Lincoln pushed emancipation for the wrong reasons too

  • Bryce Greene 8 months ago

    Wtf? We have a president making of someone’s height. Cmon…

  • Stephen Rozas 8 months ago

    That is a good look tho ??‍♂️ gotta follow the statistics and get shit done accordingly

  • Anna A 8 months ago

    Bloomberg’s tweet revealed he’s just another little narcissistic snowflake. Just like Trump. We don’t need another one of those!
    Obama or Sanders would NEVER sink to that pre school level. Vote for a grownup President and Commander in Chief, people!

  • j m 8 months ago

    the way you get guns out of kids hands is with after school programs and opportunities for advancement. this guy is a tyrant trying to disguise himself as the savior this time

  • Just Human 8 months ago

    One more fucked up billionaire!

  • Julius Robinson 8 months ago

    WTCork. This is awesome.

  • duane stewart 8 months ago

    Thank you Trevor ? Appreciate your insight ,also your comedy very funny.

  • Sue 8 months ago

    If Bloomberg is the nominee, I will do like the Republicans did in 2016. Hold my nose and vote for Bloomberg instead of four more years of Twitter Trump. Not voting at all is stupid.

  • Alyson Harris 8 months ago

    I scrollpast and remove ANYTHING of him out of my mind! Soorrryyy we don’t care about him! His ADS ARE EVERYWHERE! That is the only reason people are talking about him! I didn’t even visit New York at that time! But his policy affected the country! Sooo f him! He won’t get my vote next month!!!


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