Blockbuster Jan. 6 Hearing Focuses on Drunk Rudy, Debunks Trump’s Big Lie: A Closer Look

Published on June 13, 2022

Seth takes a closer at multiple Trump aides and advisers confirming on tape there was no evidence of Trump’s stolen election lies and Rudy Giuliani getting wasted on election night.

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  • Francisco Montano 2 years ago

    so, will they all get in trouble? or now they got a free pass ?

  • Juan Maldonado 2 years ago

    CHECKED OUT , translation , KNEW THE TRUTH

  • Cybr Friends 2 years ago

    Once he knew he lost he was frantically looking for a spin, to con his supporters from $250M he placed on a CPAC, while asking for money to “fight the steal”. The guy is not dumb, but a conman. This is why he loves the uneducated.

  • Adam Name 2 years ago

    Jared Kushners tie is hypnotizing me,wtf is going on here?

  • P K 2 years ago

    Republicans, you’re killing America with your awful choices. DO BETTER!!!

  • Thanos 2 years ago

    My man needs to lay off the spray tan, or something.

  • Dutch Madness 2 years ago

    Why is Jason Miller hiding behind a mask.

  • Ben Johnson 2 years ago

    GIF is not pronounced “jif”. It stands for Graphics Interchange Format. There’s not one J in there, not one!

  • Squee 2 years ago

    Ooooh saying Gif like that is just baiting us Jackals Seth! *shakes fist impotently*

  • Richard T 2 years ago

    Rudy is wasted 24 hours a day.

  • Kathleen Powers 2 years ago

    Did he just say, “Jiff,”?

  • Sssshhh! Listen 2 years ago

    when Seth Myers talks you listen
    cuz what he say’s is straight up
    damn right wing followers

  • thomas Braden 2 years ago

    “America’s Alky”

  • SCVIndy 2 years ago

    Trump is a cancer attacking democracy

  • Finn Offer 2 years ago

    Seth said that the Mike Lindell balloon was filled with air, but the graphic clearly showed that the balloon was floating, this meaning it was filled with helium. I respect that it had to be said for the bit, but I must do my duty as a jackal.

  • Japhet Zayas 2 years ago

    By the end of these hearings, Trump’s reputation as a loser for being a one-term president will be further damaged for being the only president in American history to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. He will live the rest of his life erecting facades to maintain his false image of himself.

  • Bill Mozart 2 years ago

    I love how much mileage you’ve gotten out of that picture of Rudy


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